Best VPNs for Android (2022 Updated); Surf Securely

If you use an android device on the internet, you need a VPN to ensure your data security. Here you’ll learn about the best VPNs for Android.

To use the internet securely, you need a VPN. These apps provide a safe connection and protect you from bad cyber intentions. Although using them won’t reduce the ability of professional hackers, it at least gives you a safer port. If you are an android user and use your gadget a lot in the virtual world, read this article of Tech Trends on the best android VPNs for 2022.

Best VPNs for Android; Safeguard Your Connection


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Hide My Ass (HMA) offers you many streaming and P2P-optimized servers. We chose to test its Netflix US server, and there were no buffering or loading times, as we got with the Phoenix (non-optimized) server. You’ll have speedy and straightforward admittance to content on your Android.

Your online activity is kept anonymous when connected with HMA on your Android. It offers leak protection, a kill switch, and IP shuffling. We tried the IP shuffling element and set it to activate every half an hour. Subsequently, I noticed the application connecting my Android to a new IP address every half-hour.

This is an incredible feature to assist with keep your data protected from prying eyes. We also truly enjoyed its wifi Threat scan highlight, which will send you a notification on the off chance you connect to an untrusted network or a hacking endeavor is detecting (even if you don’t have the VPN running).

The Android application is among the best android VPN apps of 2022, and easy to download, set up, and navigate. It just took us a couple of moments to download and install it. The Lightning Connect highlight will immediately give you the fastest server accessible. You can simply manage most security highlights (like IP shuffle) in the settings. Safeguarding your Android is without bother.


Assuming it’s unquestionable privacy protection, you look for your Android, ProtonVPN is for you. One of its founders also created ProtonMail, a free and encrypted email platform. On top of this, Proton has been effectively advocating for the protection of internet freedom for quite a long time. The brand even campaigned to forestall prohibitive regulations in its home base of Switzerland.

The fact that it works in this country is a privacy benefit as it doesn’t fall under the 5/9/14 Eyes jurisdiction, and its one of the features put it in this guide to the best VPN services for Android in 2022. Its Android application is open-source and freely audited, demonstrating that ProtonVPN doesn’t mess around with your privacy. The advantage to open source applications is that they are routinely checked for weaknesses.

We investigated the audits and found the full reports on its site, which shows how transparent it is with its clients. We got great speeds on our Android with the paid membership; but its free plan is perceptibly slower. We ran tests on three accessible server locations: Japan, the Netherlands, and the US. Each showed a load percentage of 96-98% full, and our speeds were just 2 Mbps.


With its extraordinary and intuitive highlights, TunnelBear becomes one of the top android VPN applications of 2022 and gives your Android fun, user-friendly security. While testing, We found the map highlight useful — you simply tap on a jar of honey in the location you want to utilize, and it connects you in practically no time. It’s great if you’re new to VPNs.

It’s likewise a decent choice for streaming on Android (yet it’s not perfect for torrenting). Just a portion of its servers support torrenting, and there are no P2P-specific servers. Notwithstanding, it let us unblock Netflix US, HBO Max, and Hulu; tragically, we could not unlock Disney+. By and large, it works with most streaming platforms and gives you a steady connection.

You get pretty consistent speeds with TunnelBear. To start with, we tried some servers in Miami, Brazil, and Costa Rica. We got an average speed of 28.73 Mbps. Long distance servers gave us an average speed of 24.21 Mbps. This implies you can stream, game, and torrent on your Android with little lag.

It offers you three different plans to choose from — including a free one. The free plan is full-featured however covers 500 MB of data each month. This is an excellent choice for testing the VPN with your Android, as long as you don’t utilize much data. One negative aspect is that TunnelBear is based out of Canada, a part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance.

However, even if an agency would demand user data from TunnelBear, it would have none to give since it sticks to a no-logs policy. What we found most frustrating is that TunnelBear doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. So you’ll be stuck utilizing the restricted free rendition to try it before getting a membership. Nonetheless, it offers reasonable prices, and you can sign up for just $3.33/month.


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VyprVPN offers you a unique security benefit — it possesses its server network. Most services rent their servers which adds an outsider, leaving space for a (rare, however conceivable) security break. We love this novel feature since it adds a layer of trust to the service, so you can feel sure your Android and personal data is all around protected.

As added assurance, it follows an audited no-logs policy and is based in Switzerland. Switzerland is outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance, so they’re not required by law to give out client data, even if government agencies demand it. You can be sure your data will be safeguarded from outsiders interfering.

A feature that makes this app one of the best VPNs for android is that it gives you admittance to its Chameleon protocol, which conceals your VPN use. This hides your traffic, so it works in countries like China and Turkey — We even confirmed this with a live specialist. As a rule, obfuscation (or scrambling) slows down your connection, yet this didn’t occur when we tested Chameleon.

You can easily activate public wifi protection, and its Block Malicious Sites feature with VyprVPN’s application. We found Block Malicious Sites remarkable — it safeguards your Android if you coincidentally face a phony site intended to take your data or infect your gadget.


The PureVPN application for Android is perfect. We like it more than its Windows version, which could utilize some design enhancements. The PureVPN application for Android is the most feature rich out of the entirety of its varieties. Its interface is simple to utilize and it is appealing to clients, with both a speedy connect feature and a rundown of servers to choose from.

Furthermore, you can get ten concurrent connections with its plans. All in all, what puts it among the best VPNs for android? Most importantly, it supports a tunneling protocol ideal for cell phones – IKEv2. It is very steady, allowing a frictionless change between wifi and mobile data. Then, we have a wide choice of countries. PureVPN offers 6500 servers in 78 countries, which implies you’re probably going to find the exact location you want.

You can also pick a specialized server for streaming, file sharing, security, and bypassing restrictions. Furthermore, PureVPN unblocks different streaming servers like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. In this way, if you have a Netflix application on your Android, just connect to a VPN server, launch the streaming app, and you can enjoy all the movies blocked in your region. You can get PureVPN for as low as $1.99 per month.


ExpressVPN’s Android application offers premium security to protect you on the web. With military-grade 256-bit encryption combined with excellent forward secrecy, your web-based activity is difficult to peruse. Even if the encryption key was found, it wouldn’t work to decode anything since it’s changed routinely.

We particularly appreciated that its automatic kill switch cautioned us that it suspended our internet while the VPN was disconnected. These security highlights earn the app a spot in this guide to the best android VPN apps of 2022 and permit you to browse on your Android with the certainty of a protected connection.

ExpressVPN’s Android application offers numerous security protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and its own Lightway protocol. Lightway was designed for use on phones, so it works perfectly on Android. You can switch networks without the VPN disconnecting, and it’s lightweight, which is perfect for battery duration. With the Lightway protocol, it never took us more than a second to connect to a server.

Connecting to ExpressVPN with your Android keeps your web-based activity anonymous too. It sticks to an audited and checked no-logs policy — that implies none of your data is stored. You’re additionally safeguarded with IP and DNS leak protection, so your real location is covered up. We tried 15 of its servers for leaks and found none whatsoever.


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CyberGhost is one of the most mind-blowing and best VPN services for Android in 2022. It works with practically every platform. Additionally, there are optimized servers for specific sites, such as Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Max. The specialty servers make it harder for streaming sites to boycott IPs by haphazardly shuffling them each time somebody connects.

Its servers are likewise very fast. We tried 14 of its streaming optimized servers, including the Netflix US one — it worked 12% faster on average than non- optimized locations. We watched two episodes of Shadow and Bone and didn’t experience any buffering. Then, we tried it with BBC iPlayer and Disney+; both worked comparably well. You’ll get uninterrupted content on your Android anywhere you go.

Downloading and navigating the Android application is simple, making it a great choice if you’re new to VPNs. It just took us a few of minutes to sign up and install. To connect, you can utilize a one click feature or choose a location from the server list. Sadly, it doesn’t offer an APK file like ExpressVPN. However, you can easily get it from the Google Play store.


IPVanish offers staggeringly fast speeds. We tried six locations worldwide, including Costa Rica, Australia, Japan, Italy, the UK, Brazil, and the US. The fastest server we recorded was the one in Costa Rica, giving us 32 Mbps. Even the server we tried in Japan was 15 Mbps, three times what you need to stream in HD. You won’t have to deal with long loading times or buffering while connected on your Android.

As one of the top android VPN applications of 2022, it is exceptionally intuitive, giving you information and flexibility to customize your experience. It shows each server’s ping and load percentage (how crowded it is), so you’ll know which connection is the fastest accessible. We found its Quick Connect highlight useful; it automatically chooses the fastest server for your location.

On top of this, it offers split tunneling, so you can pick which sites get rooted through the VPN and which don’t. There’s even a port selection option — this is useful assuming your ISP throttles or blocks the connection on your Android. If you suspect this, you can change ports to develop speeds further.

You can likewise customize the level of protection you need for your Android. The protocols its offers are Wireguard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP, and IPSEC. We additionally found the wifi protection particularly valuable. Any time we entered an unsecured network, IPVanish notified me and safeguarded my traffic automatically.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the best VPNs for android and allows you to select how to safeguard your Android. You can change to 128-bit encryption to improve speeds with basic security, which is particularly valuable for torrenting. Nonetheless, we recommend using the 256-bit mode for the maximum protection. This choice is easy to find in PIA’s settings under “Connection Preferences”.

Your data is kept safe with a combination of security and privacy highlights. This includes a kill switch and DNS/IP leak protection. We felt relieved to find out you can rely on this when we tried PIA with a leak detector; it passed with zero leaks. On top of this, it sticks to a severe no-logs policy, which was proven in 2 court cases.

OpenVPN safeguards your Android by default. However, WireGuard is likewise accessible. It’s exceptionally secure and gives you alternative port options, which helped whenever we encountered a connection problem. If not, you can utilize the WireGuard protocol, which is improved for speed and security. In any case, you can use your Android securely and anonymously.


Source: PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN lets you easily watch the most famous streaming platforms on your Android gadget. It worked with every streaming service we tried it with. We watched Fatherhood on Netflix US with practically no loading times or buffering. It even allows you to name the best servers for streaming, so you can stream without any issues.

Similarly, its steady speeds make it perfect for streaming on your Android. We tried five servers (Australia, Switzerland, the US, India, and Japan), and my average speed was 21.17 Mbps. It likewise offers port forwarding as a configuration choice to assist with increasing speeds. You’ll continuously have fast and reliable access to content on your Android.

StealthVPN veils your VPN use, permitting you to utilize it on restrictive networks. This even allows you to use your VPN on your Android in China and the UAE. Most of the features provided by the best VPNs for android are available in this application.

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