World’s Best Airlines in 2022; Have a Safe Trip

Thanks to technological advancement, airlines now cover most trips even on an international scale. This text is on the world’s best airlines in 2022.

If you want to travel and need to reach your destination in the shortest time possible, you have to travel by airplanes. Although there are lots of airports in the world, not all airlines are trustworthy. To have a safe flight, you must choose an airline that has a reliable history. Having so many airlines, make choosing a good one hard. To make this process easier for you, in this article of Tech Trends the world’s best airlines for 2022 are introduced.

World’s Best Airlines in 2022; Top Airlines!

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
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Qatar Airways was established in 1993; the first planned flight was performed in 1994. Since Akbar Al Baker became the head of the company, Qatar Airways has become a five-star airline.

In 2011, Qatar Airways performed trips to north of 100 destinations all over the planet and keeps on extending its geology for many years. As the king of the best airlines in the world of 2022, it has headquarters situated in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. The central airport of Qatar Airways, where the airline’s fleet is based, is at Hamad International Airport. Throughout the previous seven years, the airline has been possessing the top position in the airline business world rankings.

Air New Zealand

As the biggest airline in its region and the public carrier of New Zealand, Air New Zealand was established in 1940. The headquarter is situated in Auckland, where the fundamental transportation hub is AKL International Airport. An unfurling leaf of the silver fern — koru — is painted on the tail of the airline’s airplanes, a symbol of the beginning of a new life, giving hope for the future. The principal flights are to Australia and Oceania, as well as to urban countries in South America, Asia, and Europe. By turning into a member of the Star Alliance, the company has fundamentally extended its flight map. As one of the best airlines in the world in 2022, Air New Zealand partook in advertising campaign for the world masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, which had been shot in New Zealand from 2012 to 2014.

Etihad Airways

Established in 2003, Etihad Airlines sticks to its essential objective of becoming unique, connecting Abu Dhabi to the rest of the world. The headquarters and primary transport hub are situated in Abu Dhabi, AUH air terminal. The airplane’s route network is over 400 destinations all over the planet, earning it a spot in any list of the world’s best airlines in 2022. With an agreement on flights operated in partnership with leading airlines, the geography of flights is growing yearly. In October 2019, the company launched a one-of-a-kind program, “Help Initiative”, which aims to raise funds to change the world.

Korean Air

Korean Air
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The company began its journey in 1969 with eight planes. Because of huge investment and dynamic developments, Korean Air, after 50 years, from a small Asian airline, was positioned among the world’s best airlines for 2022. The main operating principle is impeccable service, high standards, and safety. At the beginning of 2020, the route network cover over 44 countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America, with standard trips to 125 destinations. Thanks to cooperation with leading airlines, the airline has fundamentally extended its flight geology. Starting around 2000, the company has been a member of a major aviation alliance, SkyTeam.

Singapore Airlines

The airline made its first departure from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in 1947. From that point forward, on yearly basis Singapore Airlines has extended its flight map and is the country’s leading carrier. The primary airport in Changi is Singapore International Airport. Regarding passenger traffic volumes and incomes, the airline is among the main 15 air transporters, hence is counted as one of the best airlines in the world of 2022. With its two low-cost subsidiaries SilkAir and Scoot, the airline operates regular flights from Singapore to Indonesia and destinations in the Asia-Pacific district. The company has fostered a unique program for transit passengers — Singapore stopover holiday, with the help of which passengers can exploit special prices for accommodation in Singapore hotels, transfer from the airport to the hotel, discounts on restaurants, museums, and excursions.


In 2020, Qantas Airlines celebrates its centennial history. The company’s office is situated in Sydney, and its main transport hub is SYD Kingsford Smith International Airport. The second most important is Melbourne International Airport, MEL. With a standing as a reliable and safe carrier with impeccable service, Qantas is one of the best airlines in the world in 2022. Australia’s flagship operates regular flights to over 65 destinations inland, Oceania, and all over the planet, taking care of every passenger.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia
Source: Virgin

Virgin Australia, previously known as Virgin Blue, is part of the enormous Virgin Group conglomerate established by British business man Richard Branson. The independent journey of the company started in 2000, and after 22 years, Virgin Australia is not only one of the biggest Australian airlines but is among the world’s best airlines in 2022. The company’s office and central hub are situated in Brisbane, BNE. Additional transport hubs are situated in Sydney, SYD, and Melbourne, MEL. The company operates flights to more than 36 countries, including trips inside Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North and South America. Utilizing the brand name Virgin, the airline sticks to high passenger care standards, providing impeccable service.


EVA Air is the biggest air carrier in Taiwan established in 1991. The parent company is Evergreen Group; the subsidiary — is UNI Air. The headquarters are situated in Taoyuan City (Taiwan). The main hub is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. EVA Air is a member of the oldest world airline alliance Star Alliance. As one of the world’s best airlines for 2022, it operates scheduled passenger and cargo flights to 62 destinations in Taiwan, China, USA, Thailand, the Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Belgium, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, UAE, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, Turkey, Malaysia, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Panama, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, Laos, Myanma.

Turkish Airlines

Today Turkish Airlines isn’t simply an airline; it is a brand and is included by many among the best airlines in the world of 2022. It is a full member of the biggest aviation alliance Star Alliance, the official carrier of Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, and Roma football clubs, a sponsor of the European Basketball League and EURO 2016 championship. The company consistently holds advertising campaigns including film and sports stars. With a cutting-edge air fleet and the most up-to-date main airport Istanbul New, Turkish Airlines is reliably among the best ten airlines in Europe.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways
Source: Cathay Pacific

The history of Cathay Pacific Airways started in 1946 when two military pilots decided to make a flight with food onboard from Australia to China, which, after World War II, needed food. From that point forward, the company has been Hong Kong’s leading airline, with the main transportation hub at HKG International Airport. The company operates regular flights to more than 190 destinations in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa and is known as one of the best airlines in the world in 2022. Thanks to cooperation with leading air carriers, Cathay Pacific has significantly expanded its route network, connecting Hong Kong with all continents. besides passenger traffic, the company performs cargo transportation and occupies a well-deserved place among world aviation leaders.

Virgin Atlantic

In 1984, a charismatic team of one of the most ambitious airlines on the planet Virgin Atlantic burst into the world of air business. Bright red planes with top-class crews opened to their travelers the most remote places in the Caribbean and well-known destinations all over the planet. The company’s route network covers 36 countries with regular flights to the USA, Mexico, Caribbean islands, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Since its foundation, the company amazes and surprises its travelers with a cordial demeanor, excellent service, and the craving to make every flight a festive event, features putting it among the world’s best airlines in 2022.

Japan Air Lines

The history of Japan Airlines started in 1951. At the begining of 2020, the company was Japan’s second-biggest and lead carrier. The principal transportation hub is Tokyo Narita International Airport NRT, and the second most active is Haneda Airport, Tokyo HND. The company operates 180 regular flights, including 126 domestic routes in Japan and Japanese islands, and 54 global flights to Australia, Oceania, South and North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Today Japan Airlines has 140 subsidiaries, almost 13000 professional employees, and 355 million Japanese yen. You will find it in any guide to the world’s best airlines for 2022.


Source: Travel + Leisure

Established in 1999, JetBlue is one of the five-biggest low-cost carriers in the United States. The headquarters and head office are situated in New York City and the principal transportation hub is at John F. Kennedy JFK City Airport. The company operates around 1000 daily flights to more than 95 destinations in the United States, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. In 2021, the company started communication between the United States and European cities. In 2019, it was included as one of the main U.S. employers, focusing on a loyal attitude to employees and creating a comfortable working environment for them. No list of the best airlines in the world of 2022 is complete without this one.


Finland’s flagship airline has a strong position in the passenger air transport market. The primary transportation hub is Helsinki Airport VANTAA, where regular flights to more than 40 nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America are operated. The company is one of the oldest and most stable on the planet, which has never had a single emergency situation in its history and is properly viewed as the safest on the planet. The airline’s priority areas are Asian countries — China, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Thailand. Throughout eight years, Finnair was awarded one of the best at the World Airline Awards ceremony. If you are after the best airlines in the world in 2022, this one is for you.


Emirates is one of the top airlines of our time. It was established with the participation of the Royal Family of Dubai in March 1985 during the period of active economic development of the UAE. In October of that very year, the first commercial flight was made using the main airport of Dubai to Pakistan, Karachi. Continuously expanding the fleet, by the mid-1990s, the company had already extended its route network to 12 destinations and opened flights to Europe: London and Frankfurt. In 1994, Emirates became one of the fastest developing airlines on the planet. Today Emirates Airline is the largest carrier of modern and luxurious giant airliners — Airbus A380, operating flights to all continents except Antarctica. Are you making a list of the world’s best airlines in 2022? Open a spot for this one.


Source: Spectrum News

Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest American air carrier that was established in 1929. The parent company is Hawaiian Holdings Inc. The headquarter is situated in Honolulu (Hawaii, United States). The primary hubs are Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and Kahului Airport. Hawaiian Airlines is known as one of the safest air carriers in the United States. The company route network covers 32 destinations in the United States, American Samoa, China, France, New Zealand, Samoa, Taiwan, Australia, the Cook Islands, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. Hawaiian Airlines’ frequent-flyer program is HawaiianMiles. It is a shiny star in the sky of the world’s best airlines in 2022.

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