World’s Worst Airlines in 2023; They Are Impractical

To those that are timely in press, airlines are the best way of traveling, but not all of them are safe. This text is on the world’s worst airlines in 2023.

If you don’t like traveling with cars, buses, ships, and trains, you will be left with airplanes. Although some of them are quite safe and reputable, not every airline has a good history of servicing. Some of them use pretty old airplanes which are dangerous to fly with or are of poor convenience, some of them lack professional crews and don’t deliver good services, and some of them are not punctual. These features make airlines impractical in traveling. In this article of TechTrends, the world’s worst airlines for 2023 are introduced.

World’s Worst Airlines in 2023; The Bad Ones


EasyJet - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Skytrax

The United Kingdom’s budget airline, EasyJet, is presently among the worst airlines in the world of 2023, because of the fact that Thomas Cook Airlines has since shuttered. Complaints about EasyJet are connected with the airline’s awful claim processing.

The carrier flies to 132 airports in 31 countries, making it as a well-known choice for inexpensive, short-haul flights. However, EasyJet is a genuinely young brand, with just more than 20 years of experience. Also, as the maxim goes, “You get what you pay for.” If you’re searching for the least expensive flights and nothing else has much of any significance, you could in any case be happy with ludicrously economical EasyJet, regardless of its low score. This is one of the world’s worst airlines in 2023.

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Kuwait Airways

Situated in Kuwait City, Kuwait Airways offers trips to over 30 destinations in Europe and Asia. The carrier has struggled as of late, including encountering significant losses, a scandal involving a porn star in the cockpit, and controversy over its decision to bar an Israeli woman from flying because of her nationality, things putting it among the worst airlines in the world in 2023. Among customers, complaints range from the staff being amateurish and unhelpful to the planes being dirty and needing updating.


Coming in at No. 3 on this rundown of the world’s worst airlines in 2023 on the planet is Ryanair, the budget carrier situated in Ireland. The carrier operates 2,000 daily flights from airports in 37 countries, serving more than 130 million customers every year. It’s quite difficult to beat the carrier’s often absurdly low prices, yet be cautioned: The brand charges you extra for essentially everything, including to carry-on luggage and the privilege of sitting with loved ones.


Norwegian - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Far & Wide

Although there are bits of gossip the discount carrier out of Norway is going belly-up soon — predominantly because of the cancelation of various routes between the U.S. and Europe — the carrier continues to tick. As a matter of fact, after dropping routes in the summer of 2019, by the fall it added more trips to different destinations, counting on Americans relying on the carrier to hold them to their vacations at super-low fares.

Established in 1993, Norwegian is Norway’s biggest carrier — with the most exceedingly awful in claim processing, says the rankings. Scoring only 2.3 in the class, online surveys are predictable with words, such as, “impolite,” “unhelpful” and “useless.” Definitely one of the world’s worst airlines for 2023.

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Working since 1965, the Dutch Transavia is the budget carrier of KLM and, thusly, Air France. Traveling to over 110 destinations, Transavia promotes free seat choice, free entertainment, and free carry-on baggage.

Yet, don’t be tricked, as it is positioned among the worst airlines in the world of 2023. Reviewers found flights are not always “low on cost” and don’t offer complimentary food or beverages. Complaints about poor service were normal. However, if you decide the sacrifice for cheap, it offers trips in Europe for as low as 25 euros, or $30.

Aerolineas Argentinas

Next on our guide to the worst airlines in the world in 2023 is Aerolineas Argentinas, the national flag carrier for Argentina. The carrier was established in 1950 and today flies to 59 destinations in 13 countries, including 35 regions in Argentina. All told, some 11.5 million people fly with Aerolineas Argentinas every year.

Despite its poor grades, travelers might in any case want to think about the carrier if flying inside Argentina; in 2019, the brand launched a “customized fares” option, so passengers pay for just the services they need. This is indeed one of the world’s worst airlines in 2023.

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Vueling Airlines

Vueling Airlines - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Wikipedia

Bad communication, disorganized service, frequent flight changes and cancelations are normal grips about Vueling Airlines, a budget carrier situated in Spain and the country’s second-biggest carrier behind Iberia.

The carrier additionally had a humiliating and weird snafu with famous football player Lionel Messi, but they’ve since apologized. Though it touts a good record for on-time performance and quality service, Vueling didn’t do so hot on claim processing, which puts it among other world’s worst airlines in 2023. In any case, the flights to 131 destinations are super affordable, as long as you don’t mind the possibility of being frustrated during your trip.

Tap Air Portugal

Based on specialists’ analysis, Tap Portugal is a a pretty mediocre-at-best airline across the board. The carrier, established in 1945, has various online complaints about delayed and lost luggage, plus some confusion about baggage pricing in general. In any case, if you’re flying in and out of Lisbon, where Tap Portugal is hubbed, there’s a decent chance you’ll travel with this carrier, so set yourself up.

One passenger was so frustrated he wrote: “Worst airline to fly with, try walking instead.” Now that’s an interesting idea. No wonder it is among the world’s worst airlines for 2023.

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Air Mauritius

The island nation of Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Madagascar, is maybe most popular for its sandy seashores, turquoise sea waters, and tropical climate. Its carrier, Air Mauritius, nonetheless, is listed in any rundown of the worst airlines in the world of 2023.

Air Mauritius was established as the national carrier of Mauritius in 1967, that very year the country acquired independence from Britain. From that point forward, it’s garnered a middling reputation, with many people complaining especially about its shoddy food.

Czech Airlines

Czech Airlines - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Airlines Inform

Czech Airlines has been doing business for 95 years, so you’d think they’d have this whole flying thing under control. But apparently, not, since specialists put it among the worst airlines in the world in 2023. The national flag carrier for the Czech Republic transports passengers to over 100 destinations all over the planet on its fleet of 17 planes. Travelers say the airline’s baggage guidelines are confusing and several people described the staff as incompetent. “Avoid this airline at all costs if you value your sanity,” one disgruntled passenger warned.

GOL Intelligent Airlines

Based out of Rio de Janeiro, GOL was the first low-cost operator in Brazil. The airline in a real sense took off in 2001 and are the biggest Brazilian carrier to date. Over 700 flights depart each day for GOL. And, it’s pretty middle of the road in terms of service and on-time performance.

Claim processing, however, brings GOL’s score down. It puts it among the it is put among the world’s worst airlines in 2023. Also, the reviews don’t lie. One reviewer said, “Complaints line of GOL was totally inadequate.” In any case, not all of the reviews are bad. This carrier could be summarized in a single word: average.

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China Eastern Airlines

When you are traveling to more than 1,000 destinations and 177 countries, you figure you’re doing something right, right?

“Definitely the last time.”

“Never fly with this airline again.”

“What a joke of an airline.”

“Avoid at all costs.”

All are actual 2020 reviews of the carrier, hubbed in Shanghai and operating since 1988. The airline is defined by many as one of the world’s worst airlines for 2023.

Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: ZborDirect

Asiana Airlines is not only one of the worst airlines in the world of 2023, but also one of two major airlines in South Korea (the other is Korean Air, the flag carrier). Though the airline has great quality of service, according to specialists’ analysis, it falls short in terms of claim processing. The carrier at one point declared that it would diminish its flight load to sort out a few issues causing delays, and had some funky troubles with its in-flight meals, though it appears they’re sorting that problem out now. Asiana Airlines is also apparently facing lots of competition from low-cost airlines in China and the Middle East.


Offering flights to 50 destinations in 23 countries, Tarom serves 2.4 million individuals every year with a fleet of 25 planes. It’s the national flag carrier of Romania, as well as the country’s oldest airline. All things being equal, the carrier has some room to get better with regards to making travelers agreeable and blissful in the air.

Complaints from past travelers included random flight cancelations and delays, discourteous staff members, and poor communication all around from Tarom, things earning it a spot in any list of the worst airlines in the world in 2023. “They are a nightmare,” one passenger wrote. Another chimed in, “Strongly advise to avoid, unless your time is not precious.” One good thing about flying with Tarom, though? Tickets typically won’t break the bank., previously known as Channel Express, is a low-cost carrier that flies principally from the United Kingdom to over 50 vacation destinations. You can get genuinely low-priced flights through Simply be careful that if something occurs and you need them to process a claim, you may be frustrated.

Likewise, the airline truly likes to play the Jess Glynne song “Hold My Hand” on repeat, which could drive you insane before long. Though the airline was named to the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award list in 2019, now is in any list of the world’s worst airlines in 2023.


world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Skift

Established in 1919, Avianca is one of the oldest airline on the planet. It’s hubbed out of El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia, and flies to 108 destinations in 26 countries.

Things have been generally quiet over at Avianca lately, but you could recall the airline’s horrendous accident of 1990. The plane ran out of fuel while heading to New York from Bogota. It made it collide with a hillside, killing 65 passengers and eight crew members. The year before that, in 1989, a Colombian drug trafficker planted a bomb on an Avianca flight, causing it explode soon after takeoff. All 107 people on board the flight were killed.

Today, notwithstanding, the biggest complaints about Avianca are connected with delays, baggage issues, and customer service. “To say that Avianca has bad customer service is a gross understatement,” one traveler wrote. “Avianca has no customer service.” No list of the world’s worst airlines for 2023 is complete without this one.

Air Malta

Established in 1974, Air Malta is a small player in the airline world. Offering service between Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, it operates only 10 planes — but can’t nail amazing scores. The most elevated score on its rankings is 7.9 for quality of service.

In February 2020, Air Malta signed a partnership with Qatar Airways, the world’s No. 1 positioned carrier. Perhaps its touch will extend to Air Malta and help it get a better spot on this list in the future? But for now, if you are after the worst airlines in the world of 2023, this one will get your attention.

Air Dolomiti

Partnered with Lufthansa and flying from its home base of Verona, Italy, Air Dolomiti travels 550 times a week to Munich and Frankfort, as it has since 1991. It’s a straightforward undertaking: Charter between the two countries every day, and generally, passengers enjoy the airline. “Pleasant flight and great meal,” said one online review.

Getting 7 for on-time performance and service, and 4.9 for claim processing put it in our list of the worst airlines in the world in 2023.

Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines)

Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines) - world's worst airlines in 2023
Source: Airlines-Airports

The story of how Saudi Arabian Airlines, also known as Saudia for short, got its start is a fascinating one. In 1945, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave King Abdul Aziz a plane as a gift (very casual, right?). That twin-motor DC-3 HZ-AAX started it all. Today, Saudia has 149 planes flies to more than 80 cities worldwide.

Notwithstanding the cute history, Saudi Arabian Airlines doesn’t n always get rave reviews from travelers. Though you could save a couple of bucks with Saudia, the savings might not be worth it. One client had some super harsh words for the airline. “Never fly with this airline — pay a few hundred dollars more to fly with someone else, believe me, you will not regret it! Imagine taking a dirty rundown bus, which gets you from A to B — this is what you can expect here, except it’s a plane instead of a bus.” To many travelers it is one of the world’s worst airlines in 2023.

Spirit Frontier

Spirit and Frontier are infamous for cheap fares and horrible service. Expect to be treated like cattle being boarded onto a plane to the slaughterhouse. Nothing is complementary, not a tiny cup of water nor the smile of an employee.

If an emergency were to occur, we half suspect they’d ask you to pay before letting you use the oxygen mask. To the the detriment of all humanity, on February 2022, Spirit and Frontier declared they would merge into a single carrier. New routes will allegedly include all the levels of Dante’s Inferno. All you need to see from the world’s worst airlines in 2023 gathered in this one.

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