Sanctioning Iranian internet company Arvan Cloud by the European Union; The new list of EU and UK sanctions

Some media have reported moments before the ban on Abararwan by the European Union and the United Kingdom. In fact, the name Abararvan is seen in the new list of Iran sanctions for these two.

There is no end to Iranian internet company Abararvan’s (aka. Arvan Cloud) troubles, and after the controversies raised by some media regarding the role of this company in applying Internet restrictions, Arvancloud has once again faced a new challenge.

The story is that in the list of 32 newly sanctioned persons and institutions announced by the European Union and the United Kingdom, the name of Arvan Cloud is seen along with several other Iranian persons and institutions.

Iranian internet company Arvan Cloud was sanctioned by the European Union

According to the Al Jazeera network, the European Union and the United Kingdom have imposed new sanctions against Iran today in a coordinated action. According to this media, the British government issued a statement in this regard and announced that it had sanctioned 24 officials in Iran under the pretext of human rights issues.

Al Jazeera TV channel also reported that the European Union had added 29 Iranian individuals and three entities to its sanctions list. In this sanctions list, the name of Abararvan company, the Press TV network, and Issa Zarepour, the Minister of Communications of Iran, can also be seen.

According to local media Techrato, a few days ago, Pooya Pirhosseinlou, the CEO and co-founder of Arvan Cloud, republished the company’s official statement on his Twitter account denying the accusations of cooperation in the Iran internet outage and wrote:

We have been unfairly pressured by Siebel for a long time, which should be directed at “Iranian sovereignty” and filtering companies. We categorically reject the accusations and, loyal to our usual “transparency”, we are ready to cooperate with independent domestic and foreign technical institutions to investigate the infrastructure and products of #Abraarvan.

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