Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World (2022 updated)

Our world is full of sadness, yet there are countries in which people live happily. This text is about the happiest countries in the world.

There are some indexes based on which happiness is evaluated, and researchers use them to see people of which countries are happier. These countries are not necessarily rich, as you will find some that don’t have a solid industry. Yet their have managed to make living conditions satisfying for their citizens. If you want to learn more about these countries, this article of Tech Trends on the happiest countries of the world in 2022​​​​ will suit you.

Top 10 happiest countries in the world (2022 updated)

1. Finland

Source: Forbes

As the king of the world’s happiest countries for 2022, Finland is ranked first in terms of happiness for the fifth year. Despite being occasionally beaten by nations like South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, the country consistently has one of the best educational systems in the world. A lot of that achievement comes from an inescapable love for instructors, who are expected to have a graduate degree (their schooling is state-supported), and an educational framework that centers less around quantitative testing and more on experiential learning and equal opportunity.

A travel tip: Finland’s winter swimming is a very popular activity, and people say that once they get back to dry land and their circulation starts working again, they feel a lot of happiness. It takes some getting used to, but the rush of serotonin and dopamine might be worth it.

2. Denmark

Denmark remained ranked second in this year’s rankings of the highest countries on the happiness scale. Life expectancy, social support, and generosity are among the reported metrics. However, the nation is also highly committed to producing renewable energy, with 39.1% of its energy generated by wind in 2014. Denmark’s happiness is narrowed down to a number of distinct categories, including trust in the government, economic security, freedom, civil participation, and work-life balance, according to a recent study from the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (whose existence is probably sufficient for a top spot).

A travel tip: Leaving aside socioeconomic factors, respect for the land on which the country is built unquestionably contributes to its happiness. Stay in a traditional Danish seaside inn when you visit Denmark in the summer to experience that feeling of being “at one with nature.” You can’t help but feel a little happier after spending a few days cycling along the coast, eating house-made sourdough and fresh mussels, and relaxing in a shaded hammock with a view of the Baltic Sea.

3. Iceland

Iceland ranks high when it comes to the percentage of respondents who stated that they felt like they could rely on a fellow citizen when things got tough. This may have been most apparent in the wake of the country’s post-2007 financial collapse and subsequent revival. It must be harder than it used to be to get a dinner reservation, after all, so you would think that the constant influx of American tourists into Reykjavik would have hurt the residents’ happiness. However, when it comes to their well-being, the Icelanders are unfazed. It might have something to do with the fact that they always have the option of escaping the city to a countryside that resembles a planet. No list of the happiest countries in the world is complete without this country.

A travel tip: Socializing with family and friends is easy in a small country like Iceland, which is essential for happiness. Join an Icelandic family for a home-cooked meal to experience this close-knit culture. Several tour operators make this simple. In Reykjavik, Creative Iceland offers a deal similar to this one, and Viator offers one in Hofn, a fishing town.

4. Switzerland

Source: Career Advice

As one of the happiest countries of the world in 2022​​​​, Switzerland, which fell one spot this year, is a country where everything is voted on, from how many workers should have vacation days to how many immigrants should be allowed in. Many times a year, referendums are held down to the local level. Swiss citizens have an unparalleled sense of participation in their nation’s development due to the country’s direct democracy system. The Swiss are known for being closed off, which can put off first-time visitors. However, a strong social fabric is held together by the belief that every voice matters, which can help people feel happy.

A travel tip: A University College London study found that eating small amounts of dark chocolate can significantly reduce depressive symptoms. Switzerland is a great place to shop for chocolate, too. Visit the renowned Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory and shop in Broc, or try the 99 percent cocoa bar at the Teuscher headquarters in Zurich.

5. Netherlands

What is the most significant statistic from the Netherlands this year that puts it among the world’s happiest countries for 2022? Between 2005 and 2021, its happiness levels have barely changed (less than 0.05 percent). It turns out that happiness starts at a young age in the Netherlands. Based on a number of metrics related to educational well-being, safety, and health, a UNICEF report from 2013 ranked Dutch children as the happiest in the world.

A travel tip: 85% of Dutch children eat breakfast with their parents every morning, according to a UNICEF report (a sign of good health). Even if you are no longer eating before school, you can still enjoy a traditional Dutch breakfast when you visit the Netherlands: typically a slice of bread with sprinkles of hagelslag, appelstroop, or jam on top (we’re already smiling).

6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country with fewer than 600,000 people. It has high salaries and a strong social security system to help its citizens when they retire. However, before you conclude that money can buy happiness in Luxembourg, the nation offers a number of other benefits that have nothing to do with money, but are effective to earn the country a spot in any guide to the highest countries on the happiness scale. These benefits include an excellent healthcare system and an outstanding work-life balance (probably due to the mandatory five weeks of vacation).

A travel tip: Are you stuck between culture and nature? Get a dose of both (and a little exercise while you’re at it) by climbing Chemin de la Corniche, a pedestrian promenade that winds along Luxembourg City’s 17th-century stone walls. The street offers breathtaking views of the Alzette River and the city’s historic center, earning it the moniker “Europe’s most beautiful balcony” from Luxembourger author Batty Weber.

7. Sweden

Source: PlanetWare

In the ranking of the happiest countries in the world, Sweden’s drop from sixth to seventh place this year may be attributed to the country’s highest COVID-related death rate out of all Nordic nations. Despite this, it remains one of the world’s happiest nations in large part due to its high GDP per capita. According to a separate study, Sweden is the best country for women because of its education system’s emphasis on social equality beginning in kindergarten, 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between a couple after the birth of a child, and free daycare. In essence, people are happier when work-life balance is prioritized.

A travel tip: Lagom is a way of life in Sweden that is hard to translate but boils down to moderation and balance, like hygge in Denmark. Swedes practice lagom in everything from their wardrobe to their diet, but the most tourist-friendly way to experience this way of life is to participate in Fika, a time of day when people slow down and focus on the present, usually with a hot cup of coffee and a baked good. To easily join the locals in this daily custom, stop by any of Stockholm’s excellent cafes around 11 a.m. (we love Café Pascal and Green Rabbit).

8. Norway

There isn’t a lot to dislike about Norway. The mix of a well-integrated government welfare system and a thriving economy built on responsible management of its natural resources (good riddance, fossil fuel-powered cars) means that very few are left behind, and the feelings of social support, trust in government, and economic well-being that come from that all contribute to overall happiness.

A travel tip: There are numerous opportunities in Noway to enter an aquatic state of mind, and it has been scientifically demonstrated that being near water makes people happier. Lake Mjsa, located 60 miles north of Oslo, is one of Europe’s deepest and most stunning lakes. Before cooling off in the water, take advantage of the bike path that circles the lake. If you are making a list of the happiest countries of the world in 2022​​​​ don’t forget to open a spot for this country.

9. Israel

Israel has finally entered the top ten world’s happiest countries for 2022 after finishing 12th the previous year. Because it was one of the first nations to immunize a significant portion of its population successfully, its response to the pandemic increased citizens’ trust in the government. In addition, Israel is one of the healthiest nations on earth, with the lowest rate of diet-related deaths (high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, and other conditions) in the world.

A travel tip: In Tel Aviv, Israel’s culinary capital, where there are thousands of restaurants, travelers can indulge in the Mediterranean diet that can extend their life. Gabrielle Robins, a writer, suggests trying street food like kebabs at Zalmaniko, hummus at Abu Hassan, and falafel at HaKosem.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand
Source: KimKim

New Zealand has remained among the 10 highest countries on the happiness scale thanks to its low COVID-related death rate during the pandemic. Even without that time stamp, Kiwis are known for being cheerful and happy due to their contentment in both the social and work environments. It certainly helps to have a Prime Minister who emphasizes mental and emotional development: Jacinda Ardern introduced the Wellbeing Budget in 2019, which provided billions of dollars for programs that support the Mori and Pasifika populations, improve mental health, and reduce child poverty.

A travel tip: This one is simple: play outdoors. New Zealand is possibly the most ordinarily lovely country on the planet, with however many outside exercises as there are staggering scenes. Whether you go bungy jumping in Queenstown, hiking through Tongariro National Park, or kayaking in Milford Sound during your vacation, you are sure to feel better than you did when you arrived. Some other happiest countries around the world are:

  1. Austria
  2. Australia
  3. Ireland
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. United States
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Czechia
  9. Belgium
  10. France

Happiest Countries in the World: Measuring Happiness

Let’s look at how this study measures happiness for the aforementioned rankings. The data gathered come from thousands of people in each country who took the Cantril life ladder question and were asked to rate their subjective well-being (happiness score). Regression analysis is also used in the report to see if happiness ratings can be explained in terms of both tangible and intangible factors that could affect them:

– Life expectancy

– GDP per capita

– Social support

– Generosity

– Freedom to make life choices

– Perceptions of corruption

– Positive and negative affects

The report focuses mainly on how COVID-19 has affected certain aspects of our day-to-day lives and global happiness levels since 2020.

Happiest Countries in the World: History

In July 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 65/309, which called for member nations to track the well-being of their people and use the data to help make public policy. As a direct consequence, the first World Happiness Report was released on April 1, 2012, in preparation for the UN High-Level Meeting: Happiness and well-being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm,” which drew attention from all over the world.

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