Best Foldable Bikes of 2022; Top Space-Savers!

Living in cities forces us to be effective regarding space management, and it is true about buying bikes. This text is on the best foldable bikes of 2022.

While living in cities provides us with access to different equipment and facilities, it limits us when it comes to space. Thus we have to be more conservative regarding the area, as there is not much of that for those living in crowded cities. This restriction causes us to choose goods that are foldable, modular, or small. Hence, for those living in cities and interested in cycling, having a foldable bicycle is necessary. In this article of Tech Trends, the best foldable bikes for 2022 are introduced.

Best Foldable Bikes of 2022; Top Choices

Brompton C Line

Brompton C Line
Source: Brompton

Due to their foldability, dependability, and comfort, Brompton C Line bikes are regarded as not only the best foldable bicycle brands of 2022, but the industry standard. Brompton’s standard design is the C Line, which falls between the more basic A Line, the significantly lighter P Line, and the titanium-and-carbon-infused T Line.

You have a choice of gearing, with the Utility having three-speed hub gears and the Urban having two derailleur gears. If you go with the C Line Explore, you’ll get six speeds and a gear range of 300%, which is excellent for hilly routes. The C Line is not as light as the titanium T-line model below, but it is still light enough to easily handle all but the steepest climbs. It weighs 11.3 kilograms.

An elastomer that acts as a straightforward yet effective bump absorber is located at the back of each Brompton between the front and rear triangles. It’s simple to customize the bike to your specifications with seven color options and numerous luggage and accessory options.

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Tern Link C8

The Tern C8 is one of the brand’s entry-level folding bikes and many cyclists consider it as the king of the top foldable bikes to buy in 2022. It can be folded up and moved around quickly and easily. The top tube breaks away in the middle of the brand’s FBL two-joint frame, and the Magnetix 2.0 dropout latch holds the wheels together.

The 20-inch wheels of the C8 are covered in Schwalbe Impact BigPack tires, which have good puncture protection and adequate air volume. The back of the C8 has eight gears, a Shimano Tourney mechanism, and a grip shifter on the bars for maximum reliability and minimal upkeep. Tern’s Physis 3D handlepost is used at the front of the bike. It is made by 3D-forging the structure into a single piece, eliminating the need for welds and increasing stiffness.

B’Twin Tilt 500

The B’Twin Tilt 500 is a cheap and cheerful option with a Shimano 1×7 drivetrain, front and rear mudguards, 20-inch wheels with 1.75-inch tires that have anti-puncture reinforcement, and a stand for convenience, features earning it a spot in any list of the best foldable bikes of 2022.

It is compatible with various accessories, including a pannier rack, a transportation cover, kids’ bike trailers from Hamax and Bike Original, and front and rear battery-powered lights. The Tilt is covered by Decathlon’s lifetime warranty, and at 12.9 kg, it is not one of the heaviest folding bikes available.

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Brompton T-Line

Brompton T-Line
Source: Brompton

The T-Line is the latest and best-selling model in the Brompton lineup, making it one of the best foldable bikes for 2022. Additionally, it is the lightest Brompton ever made. Brompton’s T-Line represents a significant overhaul and a slew of brand-new innovations. In its lightest single-speed form, with a titanium frame and more than 150 specially developed lightweight components, it weighs 7.45 kilograms.

We were so impressed by its improved ride quality and lower weight due to the new titanium frame and overhaul. There are two versions of the bike: the “urban,” which has a four-speed transmission, roller wheels, and full-length mudguards, or the “one,” which has a single speed and is slightly more basic. The difference between the two is a paltry 500 grams, and for us, that’s the model we’d choose. The T-line might be your model if you want a high-end, stunning folding bike.

Tern BYB S11

The Tern BYB (Bring Your Bike) S11 is a 20-inch folder that aims to bring the ride quality of your regular bike to one that folds small enough to fit comfortably under your desk. The brand claims its double-joint design collapses 30% smaller than conventional folding models, but the joint and lock design results in a sturdy frame that does not sag when you ride on it.

Built-in spinner wheels let you roll the BYB S11 along when folded without lifting it. An anchor bolt connects the front and rear dropouts, so it doesn’t unfold as you go through train turnstiles or board the bus. The Tern has 20-inch wheels and tires, a 1×11 Shimano Ultegra drivetrain with a 54T front chainring, an 11-32T cassette, and a Shadow rear mech, unique components putting it here in our guide to the best foldable bicycle brands of 2022. That’s a flashy spec even for a road bike and the BYB has a price tag to match.

Tern Node D8

The Tern Node D8, as one of the best foldable bikes of 2022, is the ideal folding bike for long commutes thanks to its 24-inch wheels and tires. The Node D8 has bigger wheels, an 8-speed Shimano Claris drivetrain with a 52T chainring, and an 11-30T cassette to meet your speed needs. When a stoplight turns red, or the busy-busy businessperson who is too busy to look up from their phone steps out in front of you, the mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors will help you avoid a collision.

The bike isn’t as small as others because of its big wheels, but it still fits under your desk and takes about 20 seconds to change from one position to another. It has bigger wheels and an aluminum frame, so it shouldn’t be too heavy to push up the stairs to a train platform. It’s also not too heavy to be offensive. No list of the top foldable bikes to buy in 2022 is complete without this one.

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Raleigh Stowaway 7

Raleigh Stowaway 7
Source: Folding Bikes 4U

Raleigh Stowaway 7’s aluminum frame and single-hinge design make it one of the best foldable bikes of 2022 and easy to fold. In storage mode, the 20-inch wheels are held together by magnets, and the bike comes with mudguards and a rear rack. The tires, crank, and bars are all Raleigh products, but the drivetrain is a Shimano Revo/Tourney 7-speed mix with a 14-28T cassette and 48T crankset.

Dahon Mariner D8

The Mariner is one of many folders from Dahon. It comes equipped with mudguards, a rack, and a kickstand; all you have to do is add lights, and you’re good to go. It also has Dahon’s exclusive eight-speed shifting and an 11-32-tooth cassette, giving you many gear options at a low price for a quality folder.

Dahon claims that riders from 4’9″ to 6’3″ can ride it, so it’s suitable for many riders. Despite rolling on 20-inch wheels, the folded size is relatively compact, folds quickly, and weighs 12.5 kilograms, which is not too much. If you are after the best foldable bikes for 2022, this one suits you.

Origami Hawk

The Richmond, Virginia-based Origami Hawk Origami Bicycle Company wins the contest for “best name for a folding bike brand.” But it is much more than just a name. The steel frame and fork will give some riders strength reassurance, especially as it has a higher max rider weight of 240lbs (108kgs).

Its one of the best foldable bicycle brands of 2022 for stability and smoothness thanks to the 20-inch wheels and seven-speed Shimano Tourney/Revoshift drivetrain. The bike should handle undulating terrain well.

It is impressive to have disc brakes at this price point, even though they are cable brakes rather than hydraulically actuated brakes like those found on the much more expensive Tern Verge X11. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that their stopping power will automatically surpass that of conventional rim brake options. This has also made it to the list of the best foldable bikes of 2022.

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Tern Verge X11

Tern Verge X11
Source: YouTube

If money is no object and you are looking for the best folding bike that is a little bit faster, the Tern Verge X11 is a great choice among other top foldable bikes to buy in 2022. It has a wide-ratio cassette and 22-inch wheels, making it look more like a standard road bike. It also has an SRAM Force 1x drivetrain, making mountains look like molehills.

The well-respected Shimano Deore hydraulic disc power on board, borrowed from the brand’s mountain bike range, will not differ much from that of a full-sized machine, nor will the 10-42 cassette gearing. The Verge X11 folds quickly, in about 10 seconds, according to Tern, and boasts a claimed weight of 22.5 lb/10.2 kg thanks to an aluminum frame and SRAM Force carbon cranks.

Brompton P Line

The P Line is a lighter version of the original all-steel Brompton, now called the C line, weighing between 11.2 and 12.1 kilograms. It has a titanium rear triangle and is available as a sub-10 kilogram option. As one of the best foldable bikes of 2022, it is well-assembled with numerous clever design hacks and is portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

For instance, the innovative own-brand two-piece derailleur that comes with the four-speed gearing system is designed to fit inside the narrow fold. One part has a spring mechanism with one jockey wheel that is mounted and tucked under the chain stay, and the second is a fixed chain tensioner that is mounted below the rear drop-out.

Unlike previous models, the P Line also has a dual-locking seat post system with two positions – fully down for storing under a desk or in a cupboard and saddle up for easily wheeling it around a station via the saddle. This is indeed one of the best foldable bikes of 2022.

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Rad Power RadExpand 5

The Rad Power RadExpand 5, as one of the best foldable bikes of 2022, contains a lot of information. It is a folding bike, a cargo bike, and an electric-assist bike with tires that are 4 inches wide and would make a Lunar Rover jealous. There is something for everyone in the RadExpand, hence no wonder its among the best foldable bikes for 2022. City riders will see the value in how effectively the fat tires turn over potholes and other street defects.

The bike can carry a lot of cargo on its rear rack and can hold 275 pounds when fully loaded. Basically, anyone who wants in on the e-bike action but is limited on storage space. It’s also an excellent option for RVers who want to move quickly around the campsite or into town. This Class 2 e-bike has a top speed of 20 mph, pedal assist, and a throttle.

Raleigh Evo Electric

Raleigh Evo Electric
Source: Pinterest

One of the best foldable bicycle brands of 2022 for riders looking for a bit of power assistance and an alternative to a car or public transportation is the Raleigh Evo Electric, which has a highly competitive price. An eight-speed Shimano Altus gear system, a 250Wh battery, and a New TranzX F15 motor complete the combination of an aluminum frame and steel fork.

Raleigh claims the bike has a range of approximately 31 miles (depending on the terrain, speed, and rider weight). Kenda 1.95″ tires are used on the larger 20-inch wheels, which should ensure a comfortable and stable ride. The rest of the finishing kit includes many Raleigh-branded components, which we have found to be of high quality, dependable, and long-lasting. However, the brand of the installed V-brakes is unknown.

Tern Vektron S10 Electric

We rated the non-electric Tern Verge X11 highly, so we are confident that the Tern Vektron S10 Electric will also be one of best foldable bikes of 2022.  The Vektron’s 20-inch wheels are slightly smaller this time. However, they are still larger than some folding bike models like the Brompton and are paired with Schwalbe Big Apple tires, so they should make for a very stable and comfortable ride.

The fact that this electric folding bike has a Bosch electric drivetrain of the highest possible quality and has a full charge that depending on the level of electric assist, can last anywhere from 30 to 60 miles is the electric folding bike’s biggest selling point. This is yet another one of the best foldable bikes of 2022.

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