Best Touring Bikes of 2022; Best Clean Loaders!

If you are a fan of cycling and carry goods with your bike, you must buy a touring bicycle. In this text, the best touring bikes of 2022 are introduced.

Bicycles are essential parts of living culture, no matter we live. We use them for going around, having fun, exercising, and even earning money. Those of us who use this magnificent machine to make a living by carrying loads over long distances must buy a touring bike that is easy to ride, easy to keep, and durable. If you are looking for such a bicycle, this article of Tech Trends on the best touring bikes for 2022 will suit you.

Best Touring Bikes of 2022; Your Top Choices

Genesis Tour De Fer 30

Genesis Tour De Fer 30
Source: BikeRadar

The Genesis Tour De Fer 30 is the king of the best touring bicycle brands of 2022. It has a solid steel frame, durable tires, disc brakes, three bottle cages, front and rear racks, mudguards, and dynamo-powered lights, making it an excellent all-around bike. Simply put, this bike is ready for whatever you need to do immediately, whether touring, commuting, or leisure riding. The bike is comfortable enough to ride right away and offers a smooth, easy ride.

35mm Schwalbe Marathon tires come as standard, with their puncture-proof reputation. You get a lot of range and a sub-1:1 ratio from the Shimano Tiagra triple groupset, which can help you push your loaded bike up hills. However, the additional features significantly increase the bike’s weight.

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Trek 520

The Trek 520, marketed as a bicycle for long-distance travel, is the Trek’s longest-running model and one of the top touring bikes to buy in 2022. It has front and rear racks like the Genesis, but you’ll need to add mudguards for all-weather use. Mechanical disc brakes and a thru-axle alloy fork are minor improvements, and the 9-speed Shimano Sora gearing provides a lot of range across the 11-36 tooth cassette, albeit with quite large jumps.

It’s also lovely to see wheels that are ready for tubeless (but not the tires), so you can set it up for tubeless, which should make it more reliable on long rides. The Trek 520 has been in production for the longest time in Trek’s lineup.

Surly Disc Trucker

Surly Disc Trucker

The Surly Disc Trucker is another do-anything bike with a sturdy and attractive steel frame and fork, hence its no wonder to see it in any list of the best touring bikes of 2022. It is, however, better suited to road riding than exploring mud and gravel, though gravel tracks can still be tackled with it. The long head tube and rise to the bars provide a comfortable riding position for the entire day.

The mudguards, a pump, and mounts for three bottles make it worthwhile, and the tire clearance lets you put some thick rubber in there. Surly claims that 650b wheels have a 2.1-inch tire clearance, and the smaller frame sizes come equipped with these wheels for better toe clearance.

Although it has meager specs, a Shimano Alivio MTB triple groupset with Sora road shifters provides steady and dependable 9-speed shifting. The Disc Trucker, like the Genesis and Trek, uses mechanical disc brakes from TRP Spyre for reliable, low-maintenance stopping power.

Giant Toughroad SLR 1

What do you get when you combine a gravel bike, a touring bike, and a mountain bike? The Giant Toughroad SLR 1. You get the impressively capable Toughroad SLR 1, and no, this is not the start of a joke. Although Giant refers to it as a “do-it-all bike” capable of commuting, it is clear that it was designed primarily for dirt and gravel riding. This bike is better suited to the offroad than any of the bikes we have examined here in our guide to the best touring bikes for 2022.

The enormous 50mm tires are a dead giveaway, and there is no suspension fork. Although the 11-42 MTB cassette on the back will assist with climbing steep terrain, it is not as versatile as the triple chainsets on the above bikes. Thanks to the front and back pannier racks and three mounting points for bottle cages, you can pack anything you need to bring with you.

Through-axles, hydraulic brakes, and tubeless tires are just a few of the bike’s many modern features. This bike is completed by a Shimano Deore groupset and dependable Giant wheels. On longer rides, however, you might find that the flat bar configuration’s lack of hand position variation becomes tiresome. This is yet another one of the best touring bikes of 2022.

Kona Sutra

Kona Sutra

The Kona Sutra’s retro features are the first thing you’ll notice about it. Many of the bikes we’ve looked at have different looks thanks to the Brooks leather saddle and steel frame. However, the thru-axles and disc brakes serve as reminders that this bike is entirely contemporary.

As one of the best touring bicycle brands of 2022, it can be used for touring and commuting on the road as well as on some gravel or dirt surfaces. There are mudguards, front and rear pannier racks, and additional bosses for any other accessories that might be required.

The hybrid hydraulic/cable-operated brakes should provide a little bit more stopping power than the TRP Spyre cable brakes specced elsewhere, but they are more of a hassle to maintain. The 10-speed Shimano GRX gravel groupset with Tiagra shifters provides ample range but not as much as the Trek’s triple. It’s a bike with a refined appearance that works well anywhere. This is one of the best touring bikes of 2022.

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Salsa Marrakesh

Salsa Marrakesh’s 42-millimeter tires and attractive steel frame are the first things that draw attention to this bike. It’s easy to ride off-road and on-road, whether you’re touring, going to work, or just having fun. Front and rear racks are included, just like the bikes above; however, if you want to add mudguards, be aware that the wide tires need to be reduced to a maximum of 40mm.

Even though it is a little heavy, it is still a good starting point for touring. A Shimano Alivio groupset with Microshift shifters, TRP Spyre-C disc brakes, wheels, and tubeless-ready tires are some of the components earning it a spot in this list of the top touring bikes to buy in 2022.

Marin Four Corners

Source: Mammoth Journeys

The Marin Four Corners is a gravel bike, and a tourer. It can be set up for a more conventional touring setup on 700c wheels, and it has the clearance for wide tires on 650b wheels, which are the size of wheels specified on smaller frames.

Your safety is ensured by the steel frame’s bombproof construction and the upright riding position provided by the long head tube. To load up and set off into the unknown, there are mounts for a rack, mudguards, and an additional kit to attach to the fork legs. In contrast to more conventional tourers like the Genesis and Kona, this bike is more suited to gravel riding than road riding. No list of the best touring bikes of 2022 is complete without this one.

Spa Cycles Wayfarer

Spa Cycles refers to the Wayfarer as “expedition focused.” It has a well-finished Reynolds 725 steel frame and a Shimano Sora 9-speed triple chainset with a 28x34t lowest gear, features putting it in this list of the best touring bikes for 2022. It travels on tubeless-ready wheels made by hand that are shod with either 32mm Schwalbe Marathon or 50mm Panaracer GravelKing tires.

Like the Genesis Tour de Fer, the Wayfarer has cable-operated disc brakes from TRP Spyre. These were chosen over hydraulic brakes because they are easier to fix. The FSA Wing bars and Brook Cambium saddle have nice shapes. Dynamo lights and a kickstand were the only things our bike lacked, but you could add them to the specifications. The Wayfarer is excellent not only for long-distance touring but also for commutes and leisure rides because of its stable and upright ride. The list of the best touring bikes of 2022 would not be complete without this.

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Thorn Club Tour MK5

Thorn Club Tour MK5

St John Street Cycles has been making steel touring bikes for as long as anyone can remember. Their most recent version of the Thorn Club Tour is its distinctive take on the standard touring bike.

Our test bike, which had a combination of a V-brake fork on the front and a disc on the back, was a good example of Thorn’s near-endless customization options, which allow you to tailor the bike to your requirements and preferences precisely. There is no end of options for this bike. If you are making a rundown of the best touring bicycle brands of 2022, open a spot for this one.

Fuji Touring Disc

The Fuji Touring Disc, as one of the best touring bikes of 2022, comes fully equipped for properly loaded expeditions. It has a practical design and a very competitive price. The Reynolds 520 frameset is TIG-welded to save money, but the bike looks classic with a handsome cast crown on the fork.

Compared to a comparable-priced set of integrated shifters, the bar-end shifters are a sensible and durable option that can withstand the rigors of travel much better. If you are climbing with loads, the highly light 26-36t gear will also come in handy. To many bikers, this model is one of the top touring bikes to buy in 2022.

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Oxford Bike Works Model 1E

Oxford Bike Works Model 1E

The elegant fillet brazed steel frame of the Oxford Bike Works Model 1E is made in England. There is a Shimano Deore single-chainring groupset with a wide-range cassette, but instead of an integrated brake/shift lever, it uses a bar-end shifter. Although discs are an option if you prefer, V-brakes handle stopping.

On its 32mm tires, the bike rolls smoothly and comfortably. Mounts for racks and mudguards are available, and Oxford Bike Works includes an unrestricted fit and a one-year comfort guarantee, under which it will replace any uncomfortable contact points. Are you looking for the best touring bikes of 2022? Take this one.

Ridgeback Panorama

The Ridgeback Panorama has a Chromoly steel fork and a highly dependable Reynolds 725 steel frame. With a wide range of 11-34t cassettes and a triple Shimano chainset (48/36/26t), the gearing is extremely wide and loaded-climb-friendly. As one of the best touring bikes for 2022, this bike also has rare and welcome in-line brake levers. The bike has three bottle cages, mudguards, and a rear rack as standard. This is yet another one of the best touring bikes of 2022.

Surly Bridge Club

Surly Bridge Club
Source: eBay Kleinanzeigen

Despite looking more like an old-school mountain bike, Surly markets the Bridge Club as an all-terrain touring bike, earning it a spot on this list of the best touring bicycle brands of 2022. Surly’s touring bike range is extremely broad, covering everything from the classic Long Haul Trucker all the way over to the ECR – a plus tyre’d do-anything shred wagon. The Bridge Club is in the middle of this range with all the usual braze-ons for the essentials covered without over-complicating things.

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Cinelli Hobootleg Easy Travel

The Hobootleg has been ridden around the world and over seven of the world’s highest passes. Racks, a 50/39/30t FSA triple chainset, and a paint job that resists corrosion are included in its steel frame. There are STI shifters in the 9-speed Sora drivetrain, but the cantilever brakes look a little old-fashioned compared to modern alternatives and require a lot of effort to produce sufficient stopping power. However, we preferred the Cinelli bars with a slight flare better.

WTB Riddler 37mm tires are included with the bike. They don’t roll very quickly on the road and are more like gravel bike tires. However, the ride is so beautiful and loaded that you don’t even notice the 14 kilograms of weight. All you expect from the top touring bikes to buy in 2022 is included in this bike.

Masi Giramondo

Masi Giramondo
Source: Cycle Analysis

The price of this bike, which has surprisingly decreased recently, makes it stand out among other items of this guide to the best touring bikes of 2022. The steel Giramondo has an excellent climbing gear of 18 gear inches, 14 percent less than the typical bike in this category. Long chainstays, bombproof bar-end shifters, a generous 50mm tire clearance, and excellent TRP mechanical disc brakes are all included.

This bike even has Tubus steel racks that cost $250 US. The best racks on the market are Tubus racks, in case you haven’t heard of them. We’ve never broken one, but if you do, Tubus will send you a replacement free of charge for the first three years, anywhere in the world. They then offer a guarantee that lasts for thirty years.

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