Best Dwayne Johnson Movies of All Time

Mostly known for his history in WWE, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has established himself further in the movie industry. Following his retirement, he dedicated himself to acting, starring in a lot of popular movies. Therefore, TechTrends made a list of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

Dwayne Johnson’s journey from being The Rock to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Dwayne Johnson was a long one. Since his retirement from WWE, he decided to devote himself to acting. He has proven himself to be one of the most successful actors in Hollywood over the years, building his career from the ground. He is not only a great actor, businessman, and wrestler, but he is also an amazing human being. His first major role came in the movie The Scorpion King in 2002, and he has since been known as a constant force in the movie industry.

Although he first mostly appeared in action movies, Johnson then showed how talented he is when he played in family movies, Disney animations, and comedies. He is capable of shining in a variety of genres. TechTrends put together a list of the best must see Dwayne Johnson performances. Let’s get to it.

Best Dwayne Johnson Movies of All Time


Using both his intense physicality and charming personality, Dwayne Johnson has made some fascinating movies over the years. He has come a long way since he first appeared in 2001’s The Mummy Returns, as he became one of the highest-paid and most bankable actors of his generation. We have decided to make a reverse-chronological list of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Free Guy 2021

  • Genre: Comedy/Adventure
  • Director: Shawn Levy
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Joe Keery, Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, John Krasinski, Channing Tatum
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 80%, IMDb 7.1

One of the best Dwayne Johnson movies ever is the action/comedy Free Guy, which is about a man who finds out that he is an NPC in an open-world game. He joins a player to find proof that a gaming firm’s CEO took the player’s source code. He even tried to be the protagonist of his own tale, as he was able to rewrite it. Dwayne Johnson makes the best cameo appearance in the movie when he plays the role of one of the players. He robbed banks and created chaos between characters that are not players. Critics praised the movie, and Free Guy won the People’s Choice Award for The Comedy Movie of 2021. It was also nominated for some other awards. You don’t want to miss it, so we suggest you add it to your watchlist.

Jungle Cruise 2021

  • Genre: Adventure/Comedy
  • Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons, Édgar Ramirez
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 62%, IMDb 6.6

The movie Jungle Cruise is based on the theme park attraction of the beloved Disney, and it stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. He is a riverboat captain, while she is a scientist going to a treacherous jungle looking for the Tree of Life. Johnson plays the role of Frank Wolff, who is full of charm and wit, but he doesn’t know if he should help Dr. Lily Houghton, played by Blunt) and her brother MacGregor, portrayed by Jack Whitehall. The movie was released during the pandemic and entertained many people. Moreover, the chemistry shared by Johnson and Blunt gained a lot of recognition and appreciation from the critics. This is one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

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Fighting with My Family 2019

  • Genre: Drama/Comedy
  • Director: Stephen Merchant
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Florence Pugh, Saraya Jade Bevis, Stephen Merchant, Nick Frost
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 93%, IMDb 7.1

The movie Fighting with My Family is based on a true story and a documentary with the same name, in which Johnson got the chance to experience producing a movie that was close to Mr. Rock’s heart for the first time. A wrestling family aspires to join W.W.E., and both Paige (Florence Pugh) and her brother get the opportunity to make their way into the competition, but she is the one that goes in. This brings problems of separation and jealousy in their family. However, she has to prove her right to be there. Johnson was there for her to help her through her journey.

Moreover, he got the chance to show everyone what his roots are and what the world of wrestling is all about. Critics praised the movie’s energy and willingness to go against cliches. Pugh and Johnson’s determination in their performances is one of the main things that brought that to life. Therefore, this is one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

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Jumanji 2017, 2019

  • Genre: Adventure/Comedy
  • Director: Jake Kasdan
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Awkwafina, Danny DeVito
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 76%, IMDb 6.9 (2017), Rotten Tomatoes 71, IMDb 6.7 (2019)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017

This movie focuses on four high school students who get sucked into the game’s setting while playing a video game. Dwayne Johnson plays alongside Kevin Hart, and they are joined by Jack Black and Karen Gillan, tasked with winning the game to send the kids to their real lives. The movie grossed over $400 million, making “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

Jumanji: The Next Level 2019

Following the 2017 hit blockbuster, the sequel Jumanji: The Next Level was released, with Dwayne Johnson reuniting with Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan for another adventure. Aside from these amazing actors, the audience was introduced to new cast members, like Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, and Danny Glover. The story begins two years after the previous one, with the gang returning to the game trying to save one of their own. Johnson performs excellently as Dr. Xander “Smolder” Bravestone, who is an avatar in the game. It is indeed one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies ever.

Moana 2016

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Director: Ron Clements, John Musker
  • Voice: Dwayne Johnson, Auli’i Cravalho, Alan Tudyk, Jemaine Clement, Nicole Scherzinger
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 95%, IMDb 7.6

In Disney’s animated film Moana, Dwayne Johnson was the voice behind Maui, who was a shape-shifting demigod. The tale focuses on Moana, who is the village chief Tui’s daughter. The ocean chose her to save the heart of Te Fiti. Moana has to ask for Maui’s help to break the curse, so she takes on a journey in an adventure that dazzles audiences as well as critics. They praised the movie’s visuals, animation, and vocal performances. Johnson even showed his singing skills in the movie, with many hailing his abilities. He believed his role to be an important one as he told the L.A. Sentinel that the movie was “an opportunity to showcase a culture that’s very important to [him].” Moana is one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time, so add it to your watchlist.

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Central Intelligence 2016

  • Genre: Action/Comedy
  • Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Rawson Marshall Thurber, Aaron Paul, Amy Ryan
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 71%, IMDb 6.3

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are a dream-team who join forces for the first time in the movie Central Intelligence. The story is about two ex-high school classmates who go on the run when they get mixed up in international espionage. Johnson plays the role of Bob Stone/Robbie Weirdicht, who was overweight and bullied as a student. However, he has now become a tough CIA agent. Hart performs as a former star athlete who turned into an accountant. The two share great chemistry, which contributed to the success of the movie in the box office. The duo went on to make three more films together. In addition, Central Intelligence’s sequel is in the making. So, watch this one before it comes out, as it is one of the best Dwayne Johnson films of all time.

San Andreas 2015

  • Genre: Action/Thriller
  • Director: Brad Peyton
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, Paul Giamatti, Ioan Gruffudd, Art Parkinson
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 48%, IMDb 6

The way the 2015 San Andreas movie was executed leaves a little to be desired, but it is surprisingly more forgettable than the other ones on the list of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time. Johnson is like Super Mario when it comes to acting, taking up many roles. He plays the role of a divorcee who spends most of the movie trying to save his former wife and his daughter when a seismic earthquake happens in California. It is quite entertaining, with Johnson showing off his talent with one-liners in the middle of an earthquake.

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Furious 7 2015

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Director: James Wan
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 81%, IMDb 7.1

Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, and the remainder of the team secure amnesty for the crimes they committed before. Therefore, they return to the U.S. to lead normal lives. However, the team faces danger when a rogue special forces assassin begins to seek vengeance. This was the final installment in the franchise that included Paul Walker, who passed away in a car crash. Dwayne Johnson plays the role of Luke Hobbs. Following the adventure they had in Rio de Janeiro and Europe, the DSS agent, Hobbs, decided to team with Dom and his men. Furious 7 became the highest-grossing movie in the franchise and one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

Snitch 2013

  • Genre: Action/Drama
  • Director: Ric Roman Waugh
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bernthal, Susan Sarandon, Barry Pepper, Michael K Williams, Melina Kanakaredes
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 57%, IMDb 6.4

In the movie Snitch, Dwayne Johnson has his most serious tone ever, with his dedication gaining a lot of praise. He plays the role of a father eager to keep his son safe after the 18-year-old gets set up by a friend and receives a mandatory 10-year sentence. The movie is based on a true story, raising awareness of one of the flaws the system has. Johnson’s performance is impressive, and consistent and despite all the potential, Snitch does not, unfortunately, break any new ground film-wise. However, it is yet one of the best Dwayne Johnson films ever.

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Fast Five 2011

  • Genre: Mystery/Adventure
  • Director: Justin Lin
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Elsa Pataky, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Gal Gadot, Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 77%, IMDb 7.3

After Mia Torretto broke her brother out of custody, she and Brian O’Conner have been avoiding the police. The movie takes viewers to Brazil, where they have to complete their final task to be free. Dom and Brian find out that they have to face the man who is keen on killing them before the federal agent gets them, so they team up. Luke Hobbs, played by Dwayne Johnson, is the federal agent. Critics and fans loved the addition of Johnson to the movie, which aided its gross. Want to know how you can reignite an aging franchise? Drop Johnson on it. Fast Five is one of the best Dwayne Johnson movies of all time.

The Rundown 2003

  • Genre: Action/Comedy
  • Director: Peter Berg
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, Rosario Dawson, Ernie Reyes Jr.
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 69%, IMDb 6.6

Dwayne Johnson plays a bounty hunter in The Rundown, where he is tasked with retrieving his employer’s son in Brazil. The supporting cast is very outstanding, with hilarious Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken, and Rosario Dawson in the movie. There are many fascinating and memorable fight sequences, humor, and butt-kicking. Johnson’s dedication to his work is palpable. Moreover, watching the chemistry Johnson and Scott share is quite entertaining. The Rundown is one of Dwayne Johnson’s greatest movie roles.

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The Scorpion King 2002

  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Director: Chuck Russell
  • Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Kelly Hu, Michael Clarke Duncan, Stephen Sommers, Peter Facinelli
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 41%, IMDb 5.5

Dwayne Johnson’s first leading role in Hollywood came in the movie The Scorpion King in 2002. It is a prequel and spin-off to The Mummy franchise, in which Johnson also appeared, and it portrays the origins of Mathayus and how he rose to power as a hero, the Scorpion King. Johnson was able to show off his skills as an upcoming star in action movies and launched his career in cinema. Although the movie received criticism, Johnson’s performance was praised by many critics and audiences. Therefore, this is one of the best Dwane Johnson movies of all time.

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