Best Adam Driver Movies of All Time

Mostly known for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars trilogy, Adam Driver is also thriving in movies, TV, and even theater. He has worked with many acclaimed directors over the years and become successful. TechTrends decided to make a list of the best Adam Driver movies of all time.

Adam Driver has proved over and over again what an interesting performer he is, with his unique disposition and wide range of projects. Regardless of the genre or tone of the movie, Driver is able to add a lot to a new role he has been handed and fully inhabit the character he plays. He has recently appeared in House of Gucci, playing the role of real-life Maurizio Gucci. The Emmy and Oscar-nominated actor does not like to revel in the spotlight, which makes him even more refreshing. Despite being reserved in interviews, he is explosive in front of the camera. Although he will most definitely continue to make more amazing movies in the future, TechTrends decided to make a list of the best must-see Adam Driver performances to date. Let’s get down to it.

Best Adam Driver Movies of All Time

Adam Driver has an inspiring filmography and he gained fame on TV and theatre, having worked on projects like ‘Burn It’ and ‘Girls’. Not only has he appeared in indie movies, but he also played in mega-franchise films in the Star Wars series. He is known for his fearless dive into the character’s skin. We have curated a list of the best Adam Driver movies of all time. Stay tuned and happy reading!

12. House of Gucci 2021

  • Genre: Drama/Crime
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Lady Gaga, Al Pacino, Salma Hayek
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 62%, IMDb 6.6

One of the best Adam Driver movies ever is one of his two collaborations with director Ridley Scott. The movie House of Gucci is where he plays the role of the real-life Mauricio Gucci and his murder story in the 1990s. however, the drama is uneven, notwithstanding being according to the most gripping true crime in the past few decades. Moreover, some performances are over the top. Adam Driver and Lady Gaga’s performances, on the other hand, were the strongest points of the film. As Maurizio, Driver develops a relationship with Gaga’s Patrizia Reggiani, but it will soon consume the Gucci family. Driver was able to showcase how greed and selfishness are crucial components of what makes him tick.

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11. Tracks 2013

  • Genre: Drama/Adventure
  • Director: John Curran
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Mia Wasikowska, Lily Pearl, Emma Booth
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 82%, IMDb 7.1

Director John Curran’s biography of Australian explorer Robyn Anderson sees Adam Driver in the character of photographer Rick Smolan. Words are not able to do the film justice, with strong and raw emotions. There are beautiful shots of the Australian outback that is much needed for the full understanding of the character. The relationship Robyn and her black dog Diggity share are amazing and beautiful. However, Driver’s portrayal in this movie is surprisingly one of his most understated displays. He is well known for his eccentricities on screen, but in this movie, he plays it straight, which makes a contrast to most of his other films. It is still one of the best Adam Driver movies of all time.

10. The Report 2019

  • Genre: Drama/Political thriller
  • Director: Scott Z. Burns
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Corey Stoll, Michael C. Hall
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 82%, IMDb 7.2

The thriller Scott Z. Burns directed in 2019 shows Adam Driver as Senate staffer Daniel J. Jones. He investigates how C.I.A used torture in the War on Terror following the attacks on September 11. He was the leader in exposing their unlawful use of torture, with Driver using his token stoicism greatly. Driver depicts the role of the protagonist masterfully since he reflects the tone of the movie in a perfect way. Although it is fiction, it does an amazing job of showing the proof. The Report is among the best Adam Driver movies of all time.

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9. Silence 2016

  • Genre: Drama/ Historical Drama
  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 83%, IMDb 7.1

Martin Scorsese directed the movie Silence in 2016, which follows the tale of two catholic missionaries that are on a journey in Japan. The film is quite impactful and effective, with Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver shining in the movie with their outstanding performances as the two priest protagonists. They show how damaging and yet rewarding the strength of religion can be. The movie has some of the greatest characters of Scorsese. Moreover, the screenplay is incredible, impacting the audience deeply with its emotional scenes. Silence is, without a doubt, one of the best Adam Driver movies of all time.

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8. The Last Duel 2021

  • Genre: Drama/Action
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Star: Adam Driver, Matt Damon, Jodie Comer, Ben Affleck, Alex Lawther, Caoimhe O’Malley
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 85%, IMDb 7.4

The Movie Last Duel is one of the best Adam Driver films of all time. The movie focuses on a special event through three characters: Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), Sir Jean de Carrouges (Damon), and Carrouges’ wife Marguerite (Jodie Comer). The event is a sexual assault, with Carrouges going back home to his wife and then accusing his friend Le Gris of assaulting her.

Driver sinks into one of the most distasteful roles and became more impactful for how sneaks up on you. The amount of cruelty and how much he lacks compassion boil underneath the surface, making this performance a memorable one, especially at the end when he does not care for anyone other than himself.

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7. Star Wars – The Last Jedi 2017

  • Genre: Sci-fi/Action
  • Director: Rian Johnson
  • Star: Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 91%, IMDb 6.9

As the second installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Star Wars – The Last Jedi became one of the most controversial ones. Johnson was able to show all characters as morally grey, doing so with nuance. This was a bold work and Adam Driver was at the center playing the role of Kylo Ren. He keeps the audience on the edge of their seat and makes them question his every move since he brings a lot of deep emotions to his display. How he showed the character’s rage and insecurity, made it more terrifying since he is on edge all the time. This is yet another one of the best Adam Driver films ever that you do not want to miss.

6. Logan Lucky 2017

  • Genre: Crime/Comedy
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Star: Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 92%, IMDb 7

This film has everything there needs to be in a heist movie, relatable characters, identifiable villains, a complex and smart plan, and unexpected twists in the plot. Adam Driver performs as one of the Logan siblings, Clyde. He was able to shine in the movie alongside other flawless cast members. The film is fast and funny, and it adds a social commentary that there is sometimes missing in this genre. This resulted in the movie receiving many good reviews, and it became one of the best Adam Driver movies of all time.

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5. Inside Llewyn Davis 2013

  • Genre: Drama/Music
  • Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
  • Star: Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 92%, IMDb 7.4

Another one of Adam Driver’s greatest movie roles came in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, where he excels as Al Cody, the eccentric folk singer. The movie revolves around the musician Llewyn Davis, played by Oscar Isaac, who tries to become a solo artist following the suicide of his music partner. The film is breathtaking and wonderfully told. It is impossible for the viewers not to want the titular character to find happiness.

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4. Frances Ha 2012

  • Genre: Comedy/Romance
  • Director: Noah Baumbach
  • Star: Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Mickey Sumner, Michael Zegen
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 93%, IMDb 7.4

In his first project with Noah Baumbach, Adam Driver portrays the role of a love interest, then a friend of the leading role Frances, played by Greta Gerwig. The film starts slow; however, it develops into a great story about friendship. Frances and Sophie’s relationship is what the movie revolves around. Although at first it appears as if the story does not have a plot, what makes the film a whole is how their friendship changes over the years, but it is still where it should be.

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3. Marriage Story 2019

  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Director: Noah Baumbach
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Laura Dern, Ray Liotta, Merritt Wever, Azhy Robertson
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 94%, IMDb 7.9

Baumbach and Adam Driver had their latest collaboration in the movie Marriage Story in 2019. Scarlett Johansson got her second Academy Award nomination in 2019 for her amazing portrayal of Nicole Barber in the movie Marriage Story. She was a teen movie actress who went to New York for theatre, seeking credibility. She meets Charlie, played by Adam Driver, and marries him. Charlie was a theatre director, and Nicole soon started to feel that she had given up everything for her husband’s dream. His dream did not include her and their son Henry. Therefore, she decides to divorce him and the movie Marriage Story is actually the story of that. Driver and Johansson performed in a way that the movie feels real and emotionally raw. This is among the best Adam Driver movies of all time and the third one on the list.

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2. Paterson 2016

  • Genre: Romance/Drama
  • Director: Jim Jarmusch
  • Stars: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Chasten Harmon, William Jackson Harper
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 96%, IMDb 7.3

Another one of the best Adam Driver Movies of All Time is Paterson, where he plays the role of a poet and bus driver called Paterson. It shows how the beauty of life can be seen in the quietest moments of the day. Paterson has a routine life where he listens to snippets of conversations of the people he drives on his bus. He writes poems, but he doesn’t share them with others, not even Laura, his wife, played by Golshifteh Farahani. She tries to persuade him to come out of his shell. The film is a slow burn, but its relationships are masterfully evolved and grow naturally with the movie going forward. This is a love letter to poetry as a medium and it is a sweet, gentle, and sad story at times. Driver was able to show a quiet yet commanding performance, which keeps the audience thinking of it when it is over.

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1. BlacKkKlansman 2018

  • Genre: Drama/Crime
  • Director: Spike Lee
  • Stars: Adam Driver, John David Washington, Topher Grace, Laura Harrier
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 96%, IMDb 7.5

This is based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. And director Spike Lee depicted the struggle years of black people masterfully. He captured racist America in an incredible way while also adding a comedic twist. Ron Stalworth is keen on making a name for himself. Therefore, he embarks upon a dangerous mission. This has become one of the best Adam Driver movies of all time that you need to watch. He portrays the role of Flip Zimmerman and does a great job in balancing tension and humor, which brought him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars in 2019.

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