Everything Everywhere All at Once Review

This adventure movie tells the tale of alternative existence and multiverse realities, directed by Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert. They gave us one of their most ambitious movies in recent years. The movie won many Academy Awards in 2023 and TechTrends decided to write Everything Everywhere All at Once review for those interested in watching it.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a mind-bending multiverse adventure movie you do not want to miss. The movie is quite original and something you didn’t know that you needed, but you might just love it. We say “might” because despite it being a wonderful movie with lots of admirers, the wild and dizzy nature of it will no work for everyone. Moreover, spoiling a movie like this one is impossible to say the least. The movie is directed by Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert. They gave the viewers a film that sends them into multiple universes, with one as an example, being the seeking out of a road not taken. That is, dreams never followed. Despite it not being the main purpose of the movie, it certainly occupies these types of universes. Keep reading to find out more about Everything Everywhere All at Once review.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review

The movie is centered around love, hope, and acceptance, keeping the audience hooked to the screen. Despite the genre of the movie and the multiverse narrative attracting the viewers, the heart of the story is what keeps them interested and hooked. Did you evert ask yourself which multiverse would you live in if you had a chance to peek into all your different lives? Everything Everywhere All at Once tells us that notwithstanding your choice, it will not make much of a difference. Although this is the ultimate message of the movie that the directors aimed to deliver at the end, the journey to reach that conclusion is extraordinary and fun to watch.

Not only did the movie won Best Picture at the Academy Award, but it also won three of the acting awards. In addition, it won the Best Original Screenplay and Best Director for Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. Here is Everything Everywhere All at Once review.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review: Cast

The fact that the movie focused on the Chinese-American experience brought a lot of light and mainstream attention  on some actors with a range of backgrounds.

Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Quan Wang

Malaysian actor Michelle Yeoh plays the role of the main character Evelyn Quan Wang in Everything Everywhere All at Once. She is a Chinese-American immigrant who has a laundromat with his husband, Waymond. On one typical day, she gets pulled into an interdimensional conflict and gets the ability that allows her to access the memories and powers of other versions of herself that live in other universes or alternative realities. For her role in this movie, Michelle Yeoh won her first Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 2023.

Michelle Yeoh previously appeared in the James Bond franchises, the Ip Man films, the Star Trek franchises as well as the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Therefore, she is not new to the big screen. She has had many iconic roles over the years and we cannot wait for more.

Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang

Ke Huy Quan plays the role of Evelyn’s husband, Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All at Once. He has made a triumphant comeback to acting as he was absent for some time. those who are a fan of Indiana Jones franchises will definitely know Quan as Short Round. The talented actor did not really leave the world of acting behind as he had a hard time finding work in the United States, so he got into film production, working behind the scene, taking many roles. However, in 2018, when he saw the success of Crazy Rich Asians, with Michelle Yeoh starring in it, he was determined to come back to the world of acting.

For his incredible performance in the movie, Ke Huy Quan won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Stephanie Hsu as Joy Wang & Jobu Tupaki

The Oscar-winning movie was a breakout film for Stephanie Hsu who played the role of the complicated daughter. However, she is not new to the world of acting and movies. She started her career wit Broadway and an MTV comedy series but she flourished quite quickly. Moreover, she appeared in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in 2019, playing the role of Mei Lin in the third season of the series.

The praise and acclaim that she received for this movie is quite well-deserved as her performance was amazing. Joy is greatly ignored by her mother who overworks and finds it hard to be accepted alongside her girlfriend. Despite being a tragic character initially, her role is more important to this movie than one might think.

James Hong as Gong Gong

James Hong, the veteran actor, is quite famous for his many roles in TV Shows and movies. Therefore, he is very much familiar with iconic movies and franchises. Aside from movies, Hong’s voice has been used in many blockbusters animated films over the years. He portrays the role of Gong Gong in Everything Everywhere All at Once, the demanding and ageing father of Evelyn Wang. This became one of Hong’s most recent successful movie outings.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Deirdre Beauheirdre

Jamie Lee Curtis does not need an introduction for many movie fans. She had her debut in Halloween directed by John Carpenter, which made her a slasher movie icon. Then, she appeared in Prom Night, Terror Train and many other Halloween sequels. Other movies that the actress shone in are My Girl and Knives Out. Aside from acting, Jamie Lee Curtis is a wonderful author. The talented actress graced the screen in Everything Everywhere All at Once when she played the role of the jaded IRS auditor, named Deirdre Beauheirdre.

Jenny Slate as Debbie the Dog Mom

Jenny Slate appears in Everything Everywhere All at Once only for a limited time, playing the role of Debbie the Dog Mom. However, her appearance is a fun one. Slate is most known for her role in NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. Moreover, she has voiced many animated characters with her distinctive voice, such as Zootopia, and the Lego Batman Movie, to name but a few.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review: Plot

This movie follows the story of Evelyn Wang, played by Yeoh, who is under a lot of stress as his family business is failing and her marriage is not working. Moreover, her father does not approve of her choices. Her whole life is crumbling. It is the gulf between her and her complicated daughter than forces to unravel the mysteries when she learns that she is only one in a large multiverse of Evelyns and she is the only one who is able to save it. The story is quite original, filled with details epic and silly. Let’s get back to the story; as she tries to distract herself, she dreams of the different path her life could have taken if she did not marry Waymond and was not in a constant conflict with her daughter.

When she goes to the tax office, things take a turn for the weird. An alternative version of her husband comes to teel her that her existence is being threatened by Jobu Tupaki, who is actually her daughter. In order to be able to fight against her and win, Evelyn needs to get the power of the other Evelyns from other universes, from fighting to opera singing.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review: Real Meaning Explained

At first glance, the movie appears to be about saving the multiverse, but it is definitely more than that. The film uses the struggles of the main character to find fulfillment in her unexciting life. Despite it not being stated expressly, the movie suggests that every moment and everything is equally meaningful as there is no inherent meaning in life and that is what life is about. As it turns out, the agent of chaos, her daughter, does not aim to kill her. She is rather looking for someone else who can shift between the multiverse, hoping to find something different to make sense of.

The movie shows depression and nihilism treatment in a very thoughtful manner, while never providing a very explicit answer to the issue of meaninglessness in an infinite universe. Everything Everywhere All at Once argues that maybe the only meaning in life is the people in it. And the solution is to be there at every moment you can.

When the Daniels were interviewed, Kwan told Scheinert the following regarding the latter’s concern or the meaninglessness of the multiverse, according to Radio Times:

“Let’s make a movie that’s nihilistic and acknowledges that!’ Then it just kind of bounced back and forth until we’re like, ‘Oh, the multiverse is the perfect metaphor for what it feels like to live right now.’ If we can explore all of our neuroses and fears through the multiverse, maybe we can learn something about ourselves. And so that was it, we’re just chasing questions when we’re making movies – we don’t know the answers until we show it in front of an audience sometimes.”

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review: Why It Is Funny

The movie explains itself the best in comedic scenes, driving the points home in an absurdist style. This is a philosophy that agrees with the lack of meaning in the world and accepting life as it is. In other words, if things do not have meaning, then everything is as meaningful as anything else.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Review: The Deeper Cinematic Message

The movie reminded the people in the movie industry that in order to make a visually complex, sumptuous, layered, and energetic story, you do not need to have a tremendous amount of budget. And the minimal budget could work. The fact that the special effects team only had five people who learned what to do through YouTube videos and tutorials makes this quite interesting. The movie proved that the blockbuster movies do not need to have a six-figure budget.

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