Best Family Movies of All Time

Are you looking for a great pick for your next family movie night? Having a hard time finding a movie that all family members agree on? TechTrends is here to help as we rounded up a list of the best family movies of all time for you to choose from.

It might be overwhelming to pick a movie for the whole family to watch as parents may not want to sit through a predictable and saccharine movie made for a six-year-old kid and neither do kids want to suffer from watching a two-hour long drama. Therefore, there needs to be a balance of kids and family and we have those type of movies on every streaming service. There are many movies out there you can watch that are entertaining for both adults and children. Here we have listed some of the best family movies of all time that you can watch on your next movie night with your family. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Best Family Movies of All Time

Family night movies can either be a curse or a blessing. However, we are here to help make it the latter. There are a lot of options out there but picking the right one might be a little overwhelming for some people. Without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best family movies of all time. Here we go.

12. Big Hero 6 2014

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Directors: Chris Williams, Don Hall
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 90%, IMDb 7.8

The next one on our list of the best family movies of all time is Big Hero, as a plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax develops a bond with prodigy Hiro Hamada. The duo team up with some of their friends to be a band of high-tech heroes. Moreover, the Walt Disney animated film shows how easily one can fall into violence, but we have to learn to control those urges.

11. Encanto 2021

  • Genre: Family/Comedy
  • Director: Bryon Howard, Jared Bush
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 91%, IMDb 7.2

This is indeed another one of the best family movies of all time that came out in 2021. Encanto has a record-breaking soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda and the story of the movie is about a super-powered, multi-generational family from Colombia. It revolves around the importance of family bond and staying true to oneself. The animation is quite colorful and expressive. Moreover, it is engaging and intriguing, keeping the viewers enchanted.

10. Luca 2021

  • Genre: Family/Comedy/Fantasy
  • Director: Enrico Casarosa
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 91%, IMDb 7.4

The tenth one on the list of the best family movies ever is Luca, which is a kidz Bop version of Call Me By Your Name. For most people, however, it is a story about friendship between two kids who are quite different. With Luca, the boy sea monster, goes to the world unknown to him, he finds his body morphs into that of a human boy. With his new friend Alberto’s support, who lives out of the water, Luca goes on an adventure to see the world under the Tuscan sun. We highly recommend this wonderful film.

9. Moana 2016

  • Genre: Family/Musical
  • Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 95%, IMDb 7.6

The highlights of Disney Studios’ Moana were the 3D vistas and toe-tapping earworms. This musical comedy-adventure movie tells the story of a girl who is eager to save her island and needs the assistance of a demigod. Together they encounter and fight many monsters and impossible odds. In the journey, Moana finds her own identity, which she long sought after. As one of the best family movies of all time, it got nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar; however, it lost to Disney’s Zootopia.

8. Turning Red 2022

  • Genre: Family/Fantasy
  • Director: Domee Shi
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 95%, IMDb 7

Turning Red is directed by Domee Shi and it revolves around the wild adventures of Mei lee, who is a 13-year-old girl. She has been enduring a hard transition into adolescence, which is accompanied by the arrival of her red panda. Whenever Mei is frightened, ashamed or feels intense emotion, she turns into a red panda. This is not easy for her while she has to attend school. She also tries to hide it from her family but it turns out to be a genetic thing among all the females of her family. Turning Red is yet another one of the best family movies of all time you can watch with your family and enjoy.

7. Soul 2020

  • Genre: Family/Comedy
  • Director: Pete Docter
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 95%, IMDb 8

Pixar’s Soul is indeed one of the best family movies of all time, tackling existential questions when it shows the life and afterlife of a jazz musician in New York City. Moreover, New York Times claims that it is the first animated film made in the U.S. that showed such metaphysical concepts. Many believe that it did justice to New York City’s frenetics as well. The story revolves around Joe, who is a middle-school band teacher. His life did not go in the direction he had expected and he is so passionate about jazz. However, when he goes to another reality to help someone find their passion, he realizes the true meaning of having a soul. This is an incredible film to watch; don’t miss it.

6. Raya and the Last Dragon 2021

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Directors: Carlos Lopes Estrada, Don Hall
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 96%, IMDb 7.3

Raya and the Last Dragon has also made it to the list of the best family movies to watch. The story revolves around a girl who is trying to save his world from monstrous creatures. A long time ago, in the word of Kumandra, which is a fantasy world, humans and dragons were living together in harmony and peace. However, once an evil monster named the Druun threatened their land, in order to save the humanity, the dragons sacrificed their lives. Now, after 500 years, the monster have come back and a lone warrior is tasked with tracking down the last dragon and stopping the Druun once and for all.

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5. Ratatouille 2007

  • Genre: Family/Comedy
  • Director: Brad Bird
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 96%, IMDb 8.1

This Paris-set Brad Bird’s work of art is about a rat called Remy who has a dream of becoming a chef. This has made it to the list of the best family movies of all time to watch with the power of cinema showing at the moment when ice-cold critic Anton Ego tastes his cooking and is taken to a childhood memory. Remy helps Linguini, a newbie chef, secretly and Pixar has tried to be eccentric but impressive with fascinating characters and true emotions. One of the charms of this animated film is the relationship between Remy and Linguini and how they help each other to succeed.

4. The Incredible 2004

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Director: Brad Bird
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 97%, IMDb 8

The next one on the list of the best family films of all time is The Incredibles. Brad Bird became a new animation master with the creation of The Incredibles. It is a stylish, retro, and dynamic animated film and one of the greatest animated movies ever. There was also a 2018 sequel that many found entertaining but rushed since it lacked the slow burn, character-driven buildup that made the 2004 movie so unforgettable. Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl, married superheroes, have to pursue an ordinary life as Bob and Helen Parr since all the superpower activities have been banned by the authorities.

Despite loving his family, Mr. Incredible misses the adventure and when he gets summoned to an island to go against a robot, he is more than willing to do it. However, he gets into trouble and his family has to run to his rescue.

3. Coco 2017

  • Genre: Family/Comedy
  • Directors: Adrian Molina, Lee Unkrich
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 97%, IMDb 8.4

Pixar brilliantly handles the death and grieving topic in its 2017 animated film named Coco. Without a doubt, Coco is one of the best family movies of all time and it won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. The story focuses on an aspiring musician who accidentally goes to the color Land of the Dead. Young Miguel is dreaming of becoming a musician despite her family’s banning music. He idolizes Ernesto del la Cruz. As he is desperate to show that he is talented, he ends up in the Land of the Dead. When he sees a charming trickster called Hector, they become friends and start a journey to get to the bottom of the boy’s family history. Don’t miss this wonderful animated film.

2. Inside Out 2015

  • Genre: Family/Comedy
  • Director: Pete Docter
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 98%, IMDb 8.1

Pixar roared back to the top once again with the animated film Inside Out, which explored emotional regulations that is not only funny but also gut-wrenchingly sad. It gets deep into the intricacies of the human condition in a way that is so innovative and never done before. Within the mind of a girl named Riley are the emotions that have control over her actions. Moreover, as one of the best family movies of all time, Inside Out reminds us that we need all our emotions and not just the positive ones to go ahead.

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1. Up 2009

  • Genre: Family/Adventure
  • Director: Pete Docter
  • Rating: Rotten Tomatoes 98%, IMDb 8.3

After Beauty and the Beast, Up! is the second animated film to have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Pixar came to the peak of its powers by appealing young and old audiences. The brief opening chapter of Up is iconic and a revelation. It also does not shy from frankly depicting child neglect. Moreover, there is a flying balloon house and a talking dog, making the movie magnificent and entertaining. It is the story of a widower who has always wanted to explore before work, family, lobe and tragedy took over. This animation masterfully displayed the flow of real life. It is the first one on our list of the best family movies of all time that you can watch with your family tonight.


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