Best Mac Apps in 2022; Top Software for Your Mac

If you use these apps on your MacBook, you are expanding its capabilities and usages it can provide you with. Using your Mac would be a more enjoyable thing when you utilize these apps as they boost your productivity and get you to make more out of it. TechTrends has narrowed down a list of the best Mac Apps in 2022 to help you pick.

Whether you have the newest MacBook, a slick new 24-inch Apple iMac 2021, or need some new tools for the MacBook Air 2020, which is still among the best MacBooks in 2022, the list of apps we put together for you will definitely help you make the most out of your computer. While you can download many of them for free, some might be accessible when you purchase them. You can find them on the Mac App Store by simply clicking the App Store Icon on the dock. There are a variety of apps available for you. In order to help you find the best Mac Apps in 2022 for having great experience and making the most out of your device, we made a list. One great thing about having an Apple computer is the fact that it has a superb ecosystem of Mac apps it can offer.

Whether you need an app for productivity, photo and video editors, security suites, and other things, you can find them on the App Store. Here are the top Mac Apps in 2022 you can download.

Best Mac Apps in 2022 You Can Download Now

Whether you own a new MacBook or are thinking about updating it by adding more apps, the following list is going to make everything easier for you. Although there are many built-in Mac programs in the Apple computers, if you need to expand its capabilities, you can try these best Mac apps in 2022.

Best Mac Productivity Apps


Source: Shiny Frog Ltd

A versatile app for note-taking that is free, easy to use and encrypted is Bear. Although Apple is trying to make its own free Notes app more improved as time goes on, Bear does a better job of providing you with a great range of options and prioritizes your privacy. If you download the free version, you can write notes and to do lists in portable Markdown. Moreover, you will be able to organize them with nested tags and also pull images and text from other sources into your notes. In addition, it allows you to draw on it or dictate notes with the use of a stylus, for drawing, or Apple Watch, for dictation.

However, if you purchase the Bear Pro version for $14.99 a year, you will have another range of options and features at your disposal. Among them are the ability to sync notes between devices, put password on some notes and lock the app itself with Touch ID or Face ID. Bear is one of the best Mac Apps in 2022 for productivity.


Source: Flexibits

The next one of the best Mac apps in 2022 for productivity is Fantastical. It does a greater job compared with the built-in calendar on Mac. Fantastical is an award-wining app and one of our favorite ones on the list of the greatest Mac apps in 2022 for productivity. If you download the free version, it provides you with a slick, easy-to-use calendar. It makes organizing your work and tasks way easier in order for you to know what is coming up very quickly. However, if you are keen on paying for the extra features on a monthly basis, the better version puts many useful options at your disposal, such as cross-platform Fantastical access and syncing across iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. We strongly recommend this wonderful app.


Source: Readdle Technologies Limited

One of the greatest alternatives for the default Mail app that is built-in MacBook is Spark. With the use of this free email app, you can access many useful features that its opponent does not offer, such as a suite of tools that helps several people manage their inbox by assigning their emails to one another and writing emails together in real time. In addition to all of these, it has amazing tools if you need to organize your inbox or schedule your emails. Moreover, it will help you find the exact message you need to access with the use of search engine. Spark is indeed one of the best Mac apps in 2022 you can download.

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Best Mac Utility Apps

Alfred 4

Source: Running with Crayons Ltd

Alfred has released its best and latest version Alfred 4, which makes it better to look for files on your device or on the web. However, this app, as one of the best Mac apps in 2022, is not just a search tool as it can be used to launch apps, search the spelling and meaning, do calculations very fast, and make the greatest use out of your new Mac. Moreover, you can have all these options for free, but there is a one-time fee for buying a license and updating to the latest version with a lot of other great features available, such as playing music from iTunes, making workflows and hotkeys, changing the look of Alfred as it is customizable, and many other things.


Software Ambience Corp

The next one of the best Mac apps in 2022 is DaisyDisk, which is a great disk space manager for Apple computers since it is quite powerful and versatile with a gorgeous design to look at. This app will cost you $10 and has the ability to scan your storage drive(s) very quickly to offer you a great interactive map of how the space is filled and used. Since it has useful drag-and-drop tools that make it quite easy to move files and make room available for other things, it comes in pretty handy. In addition, if you get the latest version, it offers supports for scanning drives on cloud storage as well, for services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and others. This utility app is going to make things much easier for you. Trust us.


Bardeen Inc

Do you need you video calls to be neatly organized in one place? Meeter is capable of doing that while it sits in your laptop’s menu bar. It does not matter whether your video calls are on BlueJeans, FaceTime, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex or around 30 more video calling apps. If you are a remote worker, this app can be really useful as since the Covid-19 pandemic many had to work at home while being on calls with family, friends and co-workers on a regular basis. In addition, it can connect to you calendar and get details of your upcoming video calls automatically. Isn’t it pretty useful?

You do not need to go through your emails to look for a meeting link as it makes it available for you, telling you what is coming up. You can join and find the link with a simple click. Awesome, right? We strongly recommend this utility app as one of the best Mac apps in 2022.

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Best Mac Photo-Video Editing Apps

CleanShot X

Source: Make The Web

Another one of the best Mac apps in 2022 for utility is CleanShot X, which is a turbocharges screen-capturing tool. For those who take a lot of pictures and videos of their desktop, this app can be quite helpful and a gamechanger. It will cost you $29 for the basic version and provides you with a powerful suite of tools for screen-capturing that is way better and easier to snap, edit and add it to the other screenshots. Moreover, you can easily share it with simply dragging and dropping it. In addition, it allows you to record video of the screen, even when you are scrolling and it also captures the clicks you do, your keystrokes or the webcam.

Following that, you can upload the recording to the cloud and it can turn into a GIF. If you want to use the unlimited storage, with the basic version having only 1GB, you can upgrade it to the Pro version, which will cost you $8 per month.

Pixelmator Pro

Source: Pixelmator Team

While Pixelmator Pro is an expensive app for photo editing that you can find on the App Store, with a price tag of $40, it is definitely one of the best Mac apps in 2022 and among the greatest photo-editing ones. There are more than 50 tools at your disposal for editing the pictures, which include a complete set of vector tools. There are a variety of neat options such as photo editing tools that connect with machine learning’s power. It is competing with Adobe Photoshop, but the great feature is that you only have to purchase it from Pixelmator Pro once, while Adobe charges the subscribers every month in order to give access to its photo editing tools.


Source: Apple

If you are using Apple’s iMovie, you have come to know that it is not the greatest and most professional app for video editing out there. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are the best ones on the market. However, it is easiest to use and it does not cost you anything, while the are video editing apps might cost you $100 or more. Since iMovie is one of the Mac apps available on Apple software, you might not need to install it. However, if it is not, just download it from the App Store and you are good to go. It allows you to edit videos at around 4K resolution. iMovie is one of the best Mac apps in 2022 that you can use.

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Best Mac Social Media Apps


Source: ThinkTime Creations LLC

Yes, you can simply log into your social media platforms, such as Instagram, with the web browser; however, it is not the best to browse it. Grids, on the other hand, which is a free app, gives you an enjoyable experience when you browse Instagram on your laptop. The interface is quite nice and clean which can load quite quickly and you can see the photos and videos on Instagram with a range of layouts available. You can also check out the enlarged view mode if you need to zoom in. There is one downside to it, however. Instagram’s standard features such as direct message or watching stories is only available if you purchase the Pro version. It will cost you $2.50 a month.

However, if you get the annual subscription, it will be $1 per month. Grids is among the best Mac apps in 2022 if you need to check your Instagram from your laptop.


Source: Tapbots

For those who use Twitter all the time, we strongly recommend Tweetbot as it is a must-have app for your laptop. As one of the best Mac apps in 2022, it will cost you $10. However, it will make your experience on Twitter a more pleasant one as it allows you to access the powerful suite of filters, enabling you to block out spoilers, sponsored tweets and many other things. The user interface is quite slick, which makes finding hashtags easier. You can also switch accounts and write notes on user profiles that nobody else can see but you.

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Best Mac Entertainment Apps


Source: Spotify

For those looking for another app than Apple Music for listening to music, Spotify is great and one of the best Mac apps in 2022. Whether you are already a user or not, using it is quite simple and you can set up an account for free and listen to your favorite songs. If you use the MacOS app for desktop, you will have easier control compared with the web app and can listen to your jams from any artist you like. I think everyone is already familiar with this app but using it with the app rather than web on desktop will give you more features.


Source: Steam

Do you want to play games on your computer? Well, we suggest downloading Steam. Valve launched this app about two decades ago. It has grown to be one of the greatest and biggest platforms for gaming on PCs in the world. Not all the games you can play on Steam are compatible with macOS. However, this app makes it easier to filter through more than 50,000 games to find out which ones can work on Macs. In addition, there are many great options at your fingertips, such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, Hades, Disco Elysium, and many more. Furthermore, a compatible Bluetooth controller can connect to the device if you want to play some old-fashioned gamepad gaming on your device. Therefore, Steam is one of the best Mac apps in 2022 for entertainment.


Source: VideoLAN

The first media player you need to have on your Mac is VLC, especially if you must play a video on your desktop and you do not know whether Apple’s QuickTime player is going to support it or not. It is quite well-known as one of the best media players out there since it backs several types of multimedia, such as DVDs, audio/video CDs, and other format including Xvid, DivX, Real Video and many more. Most importantly, it is free and you can use it on a variety of platforms.

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