Best Mobile Games in 2023 for Both Android and iOS

Best mobile games in 2023 are picked and listed by this article, in order for you to download and enjoy playing them all without any need of putting more effort than some clicks!

Best mobile games in 2023 are good opportunities for everyone to bring joy to their home by their phones, and if you want to join, we recommend you not to miss our article. Today we are going to introduce you the most popular mobile games of 2022. Moreover, all the games existing in our list, work both for android and iOS; so no matter what kind of phone or OS you’re using, you can benefit from this article. In addition to that, considering all the varieties of tastes and choices, we picked games from every subject you could think of.

So no matter what you’re into; action games, or the most childish ones, you can you’re your favorite game in the list below. We have a game consisting of a group of people in space, a game, which works on your curiosity, and we have the most updated version of strategic games too. Hence, you have to give this article on the most popular android games of 2023 a chance. Let’s get started!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Best Mobile Games in 2023

About 10 or 100 years ago, we could guess from the nature of mobile games, that these creatures could someday get the place of consoles or any other traditional means. The reason for such a phenomenon is the welfare of gamers.

You can start playing with phones, no matter where or with whom you are! It’s a very little piece of metal in comparison to Xbox, PlayStation, or any other gaming consoles. So you have the possibility to carry it to every possible place you can think of. That’s why the mobile games market is growing a little more every day. Still, if you are a fan of console games, you have a chance to play a version of them with your phone too! But vice versa may not be possible always. But today we are not going to talk about hard games of consoles on mobile; instead, we want to introduce the best android games for 2023 , likewise, the best iPhone games, that are also very easy to play and bring you lots of joy.

Among Us; Guess Who’s The Killer!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

The first game from the best mobile games in 2023 may not surprise you that much, because it’s so popular and I’m sure you’ve once heard of it. Among Us is a beautifully designed game that you can easily understand the way it works. As you might have heard of its story, it’s a kind of Mafia game. An insidious atmosphere which this time takes place out there in space among the stars. Though the gameplay is pretty easy to get, but just like the Mafia games or you might have heard of it as the Werewolf, it isn’t easy that much to play an innocent role and trick the others.

There are two different roles in Among Us in general: the innocent and the impostor. While innocent ones are given a task as the game begins, impostor players have none but should pretend and play the role of an innocent. Meanwhile, as an impostor, you must manage to murder your friends but you have to be careful not to be seen, otherwise, you’ll lose. Every time a corpse is discovered, other players convene to have a discussion on who to be suspicious about and blame. Interesting, not?

Though the game was released as of 2018, but became the most popular game in 2020 and now, it remains one of the best mobile games in 2023 . If you are into the games like Werewolf, Among Us is the next free choice for both Android and iOS you should check out!

Civilization VI; an Addictive Strategic Game!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Though the kind of series strategic games has always worked only on PC, they were one of the most favorite games. If you were disappointed in finding such amazing games on phone too, this recommendation is right for you. Civilization VI is one of the most popular mobile games of 2023, which works both for Android and iOS. In the aforementioned game, you have the destiny of your universe in your hands within the game. It was first out in an iPad version but for now, it is in your hand just if you have an updated iOS or Android phone. Considering that Civilization VI is a series, you may have thought that you are not able to do it if you haven’t played with it before; but that’s not true.

Even if you are not familiar with this game, it’s so easy to play. All you have to do is to pick a country or land to dictate and lead for years. You are the commander of the land. Now you can feel why it is the best mobile game in 2023 for all devices.

As you are the sole ruler of your kingdom, you have to put all your effort to answer your people’s needs. You have to do what people have done within the time, building towns and fighting the others. If you wish for a strategic game with very simple gameplay, we highly recommend you the Civilization VI.

Device 6; Can You Remember Who You Are?

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Device 6 is one of the other best android games for 2022 created by Simogo, which is a noir novel which you can play. In this interesting game, you are playing a role called “Anna” who is someone suffering from memory loss. As Anna, you are trying to solve the puzzle of your personality; meaning that you are searching about who you are and what is the reason behind you being placed and waken up on an island. Though all the game is done through texts, we bet you won’t get bored at all!

Because, while it is all texts, they are beautifully and dynamically designed to put Device 6 among the best mobile games in 2023 . The words order may even be in a way to send you a massage. They can be ordered descending to signal the falling of the character or so on and so forth. Another strength of the game is its jazz and very lovely soundtrack, which adds to the attraction of the Device 6. Therefore, if you have a small detective inside, this game is for you!

Downwell; Brings Out the Devil Inside You!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

All of the Downwell story is placed in a black, white, and red world in which a being is attempting to survive meanwhile it is falling down in a well. However, the game seems so simple, but it has a smart design. The weapon you own in the game is a multifunctional gun –gun boots, which not only kill foes but also are a tool to slow and control the descent of you. Additionally, it clears the way among the objects that destroy you. It was just an instance that I could name for you, but Downwell is full of such genuine designs which make it one of the other best mobile games in 2023. Also, the gameplay and interface of Downwell are very easy to master and you won’t face any difficulties learning it.

Florence; the Loveliest Game You’ve Ever Played!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

If the games we have mentioned this far were too aggressive and action for you, here we have a smoother and more girlish game for you. Florence is a kind of story-telling novel game in which love and other emotional stuff are involved. But the way it tells the story is not through any languages; instead, the game leans on mechanics, which are all based on touch. It also includes some easy peasy puzzles by which it expresses the feelings it has. The main character of the story as which you’re playing is called “Florence Yeoh.” She’s in love with “Krish” who is a musician. The connection between them rolls out in mini-games in which you should solve puzzles in order to get the message or a conversation from them.

Therefore, if you are more into emotional and cute game designs, Florence surely suits you the best.

The Go games (Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go)

Best Mobile Games in 2023

This game is one of the other best mobile games in 2023 in which you can find these characters: Agent 47 from Hitman, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, and also Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen. In the Go games, they are the size of miniatures of board games. The Go games put the heroes we mentioned in tiny stages. It also adds the basic rules of the series to a universe full of games based on turns and puzzles, meaning that the same setting as any series is deployed to the game and characters.

For example, Agent 47 has some coin in touch to make its way and kill the guards in its setting and series, meanwhile, all these things work differently for Hitman Go. He should use laser stuff to make his way out. These games are a very great opportunity for you to experience the same setting as the series but this time in a gameplay form. In addition, it doesn’t differ that much and tries its best to keep everything existing in the actual series as well.

Good Sudoku; In Case You’re a Fan of Math!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Good Sudoku is one of the other best mobile games in 2023 thanks to its designers called “Jake Schlesinger” and “Zach Gage.” They aimed to help everyone “learn and love this classic game,” when creating an AI for it. For such a purpose, the game acquires a very powerful and improved system of hints, levels of difficulty are all obviously offered, and also the capacity for practicing each level required techniques are available for you.

The main thing you have to do during this game, as the name indicates, is to play Sudoku; and in this regard, the game appears brilliant. It contains an unbelievable number of 70,000 solely Sudoku puzzles which you can choose to play. Additionally, the game also offers a universal lead board to those who have a thing to say in this field. But the best thing we have to mention about Good Sudoku is that you can also play your Sudoku puzzles from outside within the area of this game! You may wonder how it is possible. You can easily upload your outside puzzles in Good Sudoku and solve them. The magical hint system of it can also help you with that kind of puzzles.

Grindstone; the Most Eye-Catching Game You’ve Seen!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Not only the most eye-catching game you’ve ever seen but also one of the best mobile games in 2023 that you can play right now. Grindstone has one of the stunning graphic designs in the game area. However, it is a very violent puzzle game with high intensity, but it’s attractive to much extent that makes everyone return back and play much more times over and over. There were plenty of times you could hear a game critic admits that they continued playing an arcade subscription version just to be able to do the game! So it must have something that attracts even the critics this much.

But how is the game-play and what is the story of Grindstone? Actually, you are in charge of a character called “George,” which is a barbarian warrior creature animated in a very colorful and cute way. As George, players have to rush into some mines infected by monsters, murdering some of them. The beasts we are talking about are easy to discover. They are determined by some colors and arrays, which style can remind you of Candy Crush. Notice that whenever the barbarian warrior of you started slaying beasts, it can just rush to the beasts of that exact color and no other color else. Meanwhile, if George attacks a gemstone, now he’s able to move to another color.

See? It’s an interesting game even when you’re just telling its story and that’s why it is on our list of the best mobile games in 2023. If you hit such a color-changing stone, some guts in a variety of colors will explode out. The last point we have to let you know is that the great Grindstone game is only available for Apple device users for now.

Hearthstone; a Very Deep Card Game!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

Hearthstone is one of the other most popular mobile games of 2023 which is backed by a great company. All the Blizzards card games are very fun and attractive. They all are set in Warcraft world and can attract you even if you’re not a fan of such a world. This game has 10 different hero classes with their own special cards. Most players know it as a deep digital card game, which is hard and cozy both at the same time.

If you’re a free player, so this game fits you as it is completely free-to-play, but also you have the chance to spend money on it. You can put your real money in Hearthstone in exchange for more cards, expanding your deck. No matter if you love to put money in or do it freely, Hearthstone is no doubt one of the best mobile games in 2023.

Hundreds; Circles Can Make You Win!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

All you have to do in Hundreds is to tap on the circles presented within it. Though it may seem weird to touch a circle for victory, it’s truly attractive via Hundreds. This puzzle game contains circles, on which you can see some numbers. The number shows the value of the circles, as well as their size. The aim of playing here is to gather the circles, which value 100 in total. Meanwhile, you should prevent circles to overlap; otherwise, you will lose and have to start it over. Hundreds is consist of let’s say 100 stages and levels through which you have to play and win. After completing all the 100 levels of Hundreds, the infinite mode is open and free for you to enjoy!

Inside; Has a Cinematic Taste for You!

Best Mobile Games in 2023

It is both a perfect independent game and also one of the best mobile games in 2023 at the same time. Most of the players know it as a cinematic thrilling masterpiece. The game was initially for PS4, but now it additionally not just works for phones, but also performs as well as the PS4 version. You are playing the role of a baby boy in this game, running and walking into paths such as very dark and terrifying woods, some flooded and wet caves, and a subterrene lab. All you have to do is walk, run or jump up in order to solve puzzles. This little dark game will surprise you a lot and that’s the reason why we are not going too deep anymore in it.


Best mobile games in 2023 can bring joy to your phones and house just through some clicks. If you’re still not familiar with the best mobile games of this year, there’s no reason to be worry! All you have to do is to read this article, pick your favorite game from the list and download it. We have listed a variety of best 2023 mobile games for both Android and iOS, which shares interest with everyone. Hope you could find yours here!

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