Best Phones Battery Life in 2022; Last Longer

Battery efficiency must be your priority if you are a heavy phone user. Here you will learn about the best phones battery life in 2022.

No matter what you do with your phone, you are in trouble if it doesn’t last much. The battery used in phones is designed in harmony with the most essential features of the phones. Yet, sometimes they are not capable enough and force you to charge your phone again. If you want to buy a new phone and battery efficiency is crucial for you, this Tech Trends article on the phones with the best battery life in 2022 will help you.

Best Phones Battery Life in 2022; Top Choices

Nokia XR20

Nokia XR20
Source: YouTube

Despite being pricier than the 2021 Motorola Defy, we found the Nokia XR20 to offer the right balance concerning what those after a rugged telephone may search for, with battery duration being a specific feature.

It offers better raw performance contrasted with its most like-minded opponent – the Defy – and a stunningly solid design that doesn’t look all that terrible and also comes with a great extended warranty. 5G, an earphone jack, and Nokia’s typically simple to-use Android user experience features are other good highlights of this item of our guide to the best battery life phones of 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

While the S22 Ultra probably won’t flaunt the same remarkable chart-besting battery life span as the Nokia XR20, based on the existing counterfeit benchmarking scores, it procures its spot on this rundown of the top battery phones of 2022 as being one of the longest-enduring Android flagships we’ve tested from the 2022 crop, up until this point.

In his survey, Lewis Painter said that the Exynos 2200-fueled model tested was able to endure “the entire day,” which is impressive considering the level of performance and breadth of functionality on offer.

If you’re not aware, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a replacement for 2020’s Note 20 Ultra in everything except the name. The design is unique to different entries in the S22 range, with an integrated S Pen stylus that grows usefulness past most adversaries, particularly regarding productivity. Regardless of familiar-looking camera hardware, the upgrades made by the Samsung likewise award is one of the best systems in any phone now.

An expansive 6.8in LTPO AMOLED display delivers both a high WQHD+ resolution and a adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hz, while long term software support that outperforms even Google’s Pixels rounds out an impressive list of pros.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The acknowledged insight is that iPhones have terrible battery duration, which has been valid for some time. Fortunately, that changed with the iPhone 13 series, none more so than the 13 Pro Max. This is not only one of the phones with great battery life in 2022, but also an intriguing flagship telephone that offers multi-day performance. However, you do play a price for it, as it’s an exploitatively costly telephone.

You’ll need to become accustomed to the size as well; however, if you wouldn’t fret about utilizing Apple’s greatest iPhone yet, then you’ll be compensated with excellent cameras, first-rate performance, and a super smooth display – all of which at long last keep going for quite a long time.

Motorola Defy (2021)

Motorola Defy (2021)
Source: Android Community

Making a worthwhile rugged telephone isn’t cheap but Motorola’s figured out how to contribute strongly to the revived 2021 Defy; a shiny star in this guide to the best phones battery life in 2022.

It battles to stay focused with the like-minded adversary, the Nokia XR20 – regarding performance – yet we can’t thump its solid design or sizeable 5000mAh battery, which delivers some remarkable life span. 20W quick charging isn’t the fastest around, yet we’d prefer to have it than not. While the display likewise comes up short with its sub-Full HD resolution, Motorola’s clean Android experience does guarantee it’s ideal to utilize.

OnePlus Nord CE 2

The confusingly-named Nord CE 2 5G falls somewhere between the previous Nord CE 5G and the incredible Nord 2. One way or another, it is one of the phones with the best battery life in 2022 with an affordable mid-range price. There’s a 90Hz AMOLED display, matched with a big battery, quick 65W wired charging, and a camera that isn’t awful either, particularly at the cost.

A couple of minor performance stammers keep it away from genuine mid-range greatness. And it’s disheartening to see it ship with Android 11 – meaning it will not get updates past Android 13 – yet it makes for an incredible package and a stunningly affordable all-rounder.

Asus ROG Phone 5

If you’re thinking about telephones for their battery duration, there’s a chance this is because you’re searching for a great mobile gaming gadget. Asus’ ROG Phone series is one of the most settled members of the class. The ROG Phone 5 dazzles as one of the best battery life phones of 2022, and has some genuinely top-of-the-line internals.

As long as you’re okay with the clumsy size of this 6.78in gaming behemoth and its inclination to get a little hot after expanded gaming sessions, Asus’ ROG Phone can keep you engaged for quite a long time.

Vivo Y20s

Vivo Y20s
Source: Pinoy Metro Geek

One of the most affordable telephones in Vivo’s portfolio, the Y20s focuses on battery duration by matching an enormous capacity cell with a low-resolution 720p display and a modest Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 SoC.

For the cost, you miss out on highlights like 5G. Yet, the telephone offers a perfect and straightforward user experience and a triple back camera arrangement. Quick charging faster than 18W would have been great, yet no list to the top battery phones of 2022 is complete without this phone.

Moto G9 Play

A surprising standout in an ocean of Moto G telephones, the Moto G9 Power packs in a 5000mAh battery cell, offering sufficient juice for multiple days usage at a time. If you’re not craving after super-quick 5G mobile rates, the Play is a great affordable choice with a big screen and a massive battery.

The display needs works, as does the camera, however, for the cost and matched with Motorola’s smooth user experience, the G9 Play is certainly not a terrible low-cost purchase by any means. If you are looking for the phones with great battery life in 2022, this one is for you.

Realme 8 Pro

A sleeper hit regarding battery life span. Realme’s 8 Pro emphasizes design, opting for a thin, lightweight plastic form that manages to house a fairly-sized battery and a stunningly capable 108Mp primary camera.

Not everyone will see the value in the ‘Dare to Leap’ slogan thrown across the telephone’s back. Realme UI is a skinned take of Android that will not be as everybody would prefer. Yet, this decent, affordable telephone delivers an extraordinary life span among other best phones battery life in 2022.

Doogee S58 Pro

Doogee S58 Pro
Source: YouTube

A budget offering that has some expertise in being rugged and long-lasting. The cameras and performance aren’t incredible, yet the S58 Pro will, in any case, serve those searching for a gadget that can endure an active life-style and long stretches away from the wall plug.

As one of the phones with the best battery life in 2022, the S58 Pro is an excellent choice for hikers, divers or people who work in extreme circumstances. No one can whine about the battery, which endures numerous days on a solitary charge.

Moto G Power 2021

The Moto G Power (2021) has better specs over its durable predecessor — 2020’s Moto G Power. Yet, the main spec stays set up as a 5,000 mAh battery that lets the telephone go numerous days without a charge under normal use.

We like that Motorola presented a less expensive variant of this telephone with the 2021 release, a trend that goes on with its replacement. (There’s another Moto G Power model on this rundown of the best battery life phones of 2022.) While you can purchase the Moto G Power (2021) for $249, getting you a model with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory, if you pick the 3GB/32GB variant, you can bring the price down to $199. You’ll, in any case, get the same enduring battery, however, for even less.

Nubia RedMagic 6

We can squabble over whether you genuinely need a gaming telephone. Yet, one thing we have learned is that gaming telephones, by and large, deliver incredible battery duration. The Nubia RedMagic 6 is no exemption for that perception, one of the top battery phones of 2022.

As noteworthy as the RedMagic 6’s almost 13.5-hour result on our battery test was, we’re considerably more hearted by what happened when we enabled the gaming telephone’s fast refreshing display. Indeed, the time dropped since faster refresh rates consume more battery. Yet, the RedMagic 6 held out for 11 hours and 49 minutes at 120Hz and 11 hours and 16 minutes at 165Hz. Both of those times would have been sufficient to arrive at this rundown.

Other highlights on the Nubia RedMagic 6 aren’t nearly as impressive — look somewhere else on the off chance that you want great cameras to go with your handset — however, you won’t ever need to fear running out of power with this gaming telephone.

Moto G Power 2022

Moto G Power 2022
Source: Tom’s Guide

Motorola continues to deliver new variants of the Moto G Power, and if the results yield multi-day battery duration, then why not? Like its predecessors, the Moto G Power (2022) lasts a long time on our battery test. However, it experiences slow charging, similar to other Moto G series telephones.

A pokey processor likewise makes us less interested about this form of the Moto G Power than we were about the 2021 release, which is available and is presumably the better purchase, regardless of whether it won’t ever get an update past Android 11. The Moto G Power (2022) ships with Android 11.

However, will get an update to Android 12. Essentially the 2022 release ships with 64GB in its $199 rendition, doubling the capacity you’d get from the 2021 Moto G Power at that price. Are you making a list of the phones with great battery life in 2022? Don’t forget this one.

Nubia RedMagic 6S Pro

Like the RedMagic 6 that emerged before it, the RedMagic 6S Pro pulverizes our battery test, enduring 13 hours and 13 minutes when the screen was set at 60Hz. Surprisingly, the 6S Pro didn’t have nearly as big a drop-off when we enabled faster refresh rates as the RedMagic 6. With its screen set to an power-hungry 165Hz refresh rate, the RedMagic 6S Pro waited for 12 hours and 50 minutes in our test.

That is great news since 165Hz is a marvelous refresh rate for immersive gaming. So you can maximize the RedMagic 6S Pro’s display settings unafraid of depleting the telephone’s 5,050 mAh battery. We’re as yet not persuaded that devoted gaming telephones are an unquestionable necessity, and the cameras on this Nubia gadget frustrate. Yet, if you need a telephone tailor-made for gaming, the RedMagic 6S Pro won’t let you down regarding performance or battery. You can trust is as one of the best phones battery life in 2022.

Moto G Stylus 2022

The main thing to suggest about the Moto G Stylus (2022), as one of the best phones battery life in 2022, is its long battery duration. With a 5,000 mAh battery, the most recent rendition of Motorola’s stylus-equipped budget telephone was able to hold out for 12.5 hours on our battery test. And that result came with the telephone’s variable refresh rate enabled. Even locking in that refresh rate at 90Hz, the Moto G Stylus endured almost 11.5 hours.

We’d alert against the Moto G Stylus, except if you genuinely need an long-lasting telephone with a stylus that doesn’t cost a bundle. The Helio G88 chipset is laggy, and the cameras didn’t dazzle. The phone additionally ships with Android 11 — last year’s software — with only one update to Android 12 guaranteed, yet is one of the best battery life phones of 2022.

Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW

Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW
Source: The Verge

As one of the top battery phones of 2022 and a durable one that caters to people on construction sites, the Kyocera DuraForce Ultra 5G UW has to work a long time between charges. And that is precisely the exact thing this telephone does thanks to a 4,500 mAh and a power-tasting Snapdragon 765G chipset. When we tested it, Kyocera’s durable telephone endured a minute short of 12.5 hours.

That result is incredibly excellent given that the telephone offers 5G compatibility. In any case, that UW in the DuraForce’s name suggests that this gadget is built to work with Verizon’s super-fast Ultra Wideband 5G; meaning, you’ll need to look elsewhere, assuming you need a long-lasting telephone that works on networks other than Verizon’s.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

This midrange telephone from Samsung might pack in 5G connectivity; however that doesn’t put a crimp in the Galaxy A52 5G’s battery duration. The telephone managed to last 12 hours, 19 minutes on our test. Note that we got that wonderful time when the telephone’s screen was set to refresh at 60Hz.

The A52 likewise allows you to change refresh rate to an extremely quick 120Hz, an intriguing component among telephones under $500. Sadly, that chops down the A52 5G’s longevity. However, the 10-hour and 19-minute result on our battery test is still better compared to the average cell phone.

Don’t expect quick charging from this gadget, except if you spring for a faster charger. While the Galaxy A52 5G can uphold 25W quick wired charging, Samsung just includes a 15W charger in the telephone’s box. That yielded a fairly ho-hum 31% charge after thirty minutes. Its considered by many as one of the phones with great battery life in 2022.

Cat S62 Pro

Like the Kyocera DuraForce over, the Cat S62 Pro is a durable telephone built to be among the best phones battery life in 2022. What’s more, the Cat S62 Pro delivers, going on for 12 hours and 16 minutes on our battery test. It manages to grind out that time with just a 4,000 mAh battery. However, unlike Kyocera’s telephone, the Cat S62 Pro doesn’t connect to 5G. Thus, there’s no power-hungry 5G modem.

You will not get the quickest charge times when you do need to top off the Cat S62 Pro’s battery. After 15 minutes of charging, the telephone returned to 17% of its charge, arriving at 37% after 30 minutes. That is not bad. However, you’ll find quicker charging phones on this rundown.

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