‌Weirdest Phones Ever Made; Odd Products!

The phone industry goes along with creative designing which sometimes results in weird products. This text is on the weirdest phones ever made.

It is true that what we use today and is normal to us, was unusual a decade ago, and this happens in every industry. However, in the phone-making industry, some producers took a step further and offered phones that are really odd. Some of them are understandable, but others will amaze you at the first sight. If you are into smartphones and want to learn more about the weirdest phones of all time, this article of Tech Trends will help you.

‌Weirdest Phones Ever Made; Will You Hold Them?

Samsung P300

Samsung P300
Source: Pocket-lint.com

The Samsung P300 was a flimsy phone with a calculator-like appearance. It was a strange choice in design from a company that had made phones that were pretty good-looking before it, but they stood out from the crowd. The Serenata, one of the strangest smart phones ever made, was developed by Samsung and Bang & Olufsen together in 2007. A phone with a slide-out speaker that is primarily used as a music player. It cost a hefty $2,000 and had a rather bizarre appearance.

Samsung and Bang & Olufsen had the Serene before the Serenata. It was made specifically to compete with high-end phones currently available on the market. Although it lacked adequate specs, it was stylishly designed and featured an LCD display, an iPod-style scroll wheel, and a power-assisted hinge for easier opening. It also had a few flaws that made it hard to do things like take pictures, so it didn’t do very well.

C91 Golden-Buddha Phone

As the god of the weirdest phones ever made, the C91 Golden-Buddha phone was introduced in 2009. This phone had a clamshell shape and was made of luxurious gold. The design was inspired by Buddhism and featured a swastika as a representation of spirituality and divinity.

The phone was not all that bad on paper, despite its bizarre appearance. It had dual sim support, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a 2-inch screen, and some other features.

Haier P7

The Haier P7 was a 2004 model of phone that looked like a candy bar. It is among the strangest phones of all time with a quirky design, a 0.3-megapixel camera, and a small screen that could only display 64 x 128 pixels. Having said that, it could run for up to six days on a single charge.

LG G Flex

In the past, we had a lot of positive things to say about the LG G Flex. It was a unique phone that stood out from the crowd thanks to its distinctive design. We thought at the time that it was too big, too expensive, and too strangely shaped to be popular, but it was still special and is mentioned in any list of the top weird phones you never knew existed.

Virgin Mobile Lobster

Virgin Mobile Lobster
Source: Pocket-lint.com

In the year 2006, the Virgin Mobile Lobster was a phone that could watch television and now its known as one of the weirdest phones ever created. It may have been a marvel at the time, but it is now so common that it seems almost archaic. The Lobster had a digital DAB tuner so you could watch terrestrial television while you were on the go. Unfortunately, signaling was difficult and the lobster was undercooked.

Microsoft Kin

The Microsoft Kin was not only among the weirdest phones ever made, but somewhat unsuccessful. It was delayed due to issues with the operating system, had pricing issues, and appeared to have been put on hold due to the upcoming Windows Phone 7 release.

Motorola StarTac Rainbow

The 1990s saw the release of the Motorola StarTac Rainbow, one of the items of our guide to the weirdest phones of all time. A colorful little Motorola flip phone that was made available as part of the StarTAC line. In comparison to smartphones of today, it was loud, proud, and anything but subtle.

Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280
Source: Pocket-lint.com

Though its now one of the strangest smart phones ever made, the Nokia 7280 had an undeniably charming quality. It appeared to be futuristic equipment that belonged in Star Trek or Dr. Who rather than in your pocket at first glance. The Nokia 7280 was made to be a fashion icon and a style-focused device. It had a screen that doubled as a mirror, fabric accents, and even a dial pad with no numbers. Although it was certainly eye-catching, it was more of a fashion statement than a useful or convenient device.

Nokia 7600

The Nokia 7600 was the first 3G phone released by the company. For the time, it had a large screen, an unusual jewel-shaped design, and a keypad that was spread out around the screen’s edges, features earning it a spot in our list of the weirdest phones ever made. When we first saw the Nokia 7600, we thought it was a little strange, but we quickly came to like it.

Nokia 7700

The Nokia 7700 was a device that was never interesting. It had a 3.5-inch color touch screen with a resolution of 640 x 320 pixels and was made to be a device for media. It would have undoubtedly been an odd device that stood out from the crowd.

Additionally, a word processor, spreadsheets, and other applications were planned to come with this phone. Sadly, it was scrapped in 2004, probably as a result of the company shifting its focus to standard mobile phones due to a declining market share. All you expect from the strangest phones of all time is in this phone.

Nokia 7710

The Nokia 7710 was a monster of a phone in 2005 and now is counted as the leader of the top weird phones you never knew existed. It was heavy, had a wide touchscreen, and looked like a PDA. It was fantastic for gaming and also a great tool for productivity. Even though it lacked 3G and speed, it was an excellent phone to use overall.

Nokia N93

Nokia N93
Source: Pocket-lint.com

The Nokia N93 was introduced by Nokia in 2006. The primary purpose of this device was video capture. As one of the weirdest phones ever created, it also had a 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a 2.4-inch 262k color QVGA display, and the ability to record video at 30 frames per second. The N93 might be a taste of what’s to come because video and photo capture capabilities will get better and better in the future.

Nokia N-Gage

One of the first gaming phones on the market and now one of the weirdest phones ever made, the Nokia N-Gage attempted to attract GameBoy fans. Gaming purists were dissatisfied with the design and preferred dedicated devices, but having a single device that could perform both tasks was unique.

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Pantech Pocket

The Pantech Pocket, released in 2011, was a strange-shaped device with a 4-inch, 4:3 display that could display 600 x 800 pixels, features putting it in this list of the weirdest phones of all time. It wasn’t particularly memorable, but it was interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Round

It appeared that the Samsung Galaxy Round was LG’s response to the G Flex. It had impressive specs as well as a curved display that was designed to feel good in the hand. However, it felt like an unnecessary design feature, and the Galaxy S4 proved to be more popular than the curved screen trend, which quickly faded away. No list of the strangest smart phones ever made is complete without this one.

Samsung Juke

Samsung Juke
Source: Pocket-lint.com

Another phone that could also play music was the Samsung Juke. It played music when closed, but when swiveled open, it became a mobile phone. We liked it because it was a small phone that was well-made and easy to use. However, it lacked some features and wasn’t nearly as functional as other phones of the time. Its name is enough to consider it as one of the weirdest phones ever made.

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Samsung Matrix

The SPH-N270, a limited-edition version of the Samsung Matrix, was released in 2003 to coincide with the film trilogy. It was made to look like the phone in The Matrix Reloaded and was made to be a collectible, not a smartphone. As a result, it lacked a lot of features. It was incapable of playing video, had no MP3 capabilities, and even lacked a web browser. It’s not very futuristic, but it would probably sell for a lot on eBay these days. If you are after the strangest phones of all time, this one suits you.

Siemens Xelibri

The Xelibri phone line was introduced by Siemens in 2004 and offered devices that were designed to focus on fashion. They were released in “collections” as a result. They were sold at a high price and were promoted as fashion accessories. Sadly, the style was more important to them than substance. Although they were eye-catching at the time, their hardware was essentially low-end technology with very few features. Are you making a list of the top weird phones you never knew existed? Open a spot for this one.

Telson TWC 1150

Holy moly, the Telson TWC 1150 was exceptional, hence we have it here in our list of the weirdest phones ever created. It was a phone that could be worn around the wrist! Probably a lot ahead of its time and not as stylish as current smartwatches, but one of a kind.

Toshiba G450

Toshiba G450
Source: Pocket-lint.com

Toshiba G450 is not typically associated with a manufacturer of mobile phones. However, the G450 was one of the company’s ventures into the market. We also thought it was a strange one—a device with an odd design and three round sections for the dialpad and screen that made it look like a bloated USB stick. Although it had an intriguing concept, it lacked many of the features of a mobile phone, such as a decent screen and camera. In the sky of the weirdest phones ever made, it is a shiny star.

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The YotaPhone was an unusual device that came out in 2013 and promised the best of both worlds by combining a standard smartphone screen on one side with one that looked like an eBook on the other. Charming, charming, and occasionally bizarre. It impressed us quite a bit. The YotaPhone 2 came out a year later, so it must have been somewhat popular. You will find this phone in any list of the weirdest phones ever made.

Nokia 9 PureView

To provide us with better cameras in our pockets, smartphone manufacturers have been packing an increasing number of cameras into their products over the past few years. However, the Nokia 9 PureView may be the most enduring. As one of the weirdest phones of all time, it is a wonderful device equipped with five cameras to give you a very special camera solution. Although it certainly has an odd appearance, the device is quite fascinating.

Motorola V70

In its day, the Motorola V70, one of the weirdest phones ever made, was considered more of a fashion phone than a standard phone because of its instantly recognizable design. Apart from its appearance, it also had a WAP browser, GPRS capabilities, a vibrating mode, and voice dialing capabilities. It also had a swiveling circular monochrome panel with a neon backlight keypad and interchangeable frames. To many phone users, its among the strangest smart phones ever made.

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Motorola V100

Motorola V100
Source: Pocket-lint.com

The Motorola V100 was a device that focused on messages and only had buttons. Back in the day, it was thought to be the phone that started or at least supported the two-way messaging craze. Its functionality turns it into one of the weirdest phones ever made.

Palm phone

TCL attempted to capitalize on the Palm brand with the Palm phone at the beginning of 2019. We thought this small phone was cute and catchy, but it appeared to be one of the strangest phones of all time. If you already have a phone in your pocket, why bother with a small companion phone? This is one of the weirdest phones ever made.

Meizu Pro 7

The first smartphone with a small screen on the back was the Meizu Pro 7. This phone is among the top weird phones you never knew existed because it has a 1.9-inch screen that can be used to take selfies. We discovered that it had a few flaws that hurt the design, but overall, it was a great little gadget. This is one of the weirdest phones ever made.

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Sprint Kyocera Echo

In 2011, the Kyocera Echo attempted to combine the utility of a tablet with the convenience of a smartphone by combining two screens. It was not only one of the weirdest phones ever created but a good phone.

Nokia N90 (2005)

Source: cnbc.com

The N90 was all about the rise of camera phones, and Nokia continued to push the design envelope. The device could swivel and twist into the shape of a handheld video camera. It had a 2-megapixel camera with on-phone editing capabilities, a flash, and a digital zoom of 20 times.

In a 2005 press release, Nokia emphasized the company’s bets on camera technology by stating, “We foresee that already this year, the camera phone market will grow to be over four times the size of the digital camera market.” It is known is one of the weirdest phones ever made.

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