Best Phone Case Brands in 2023

All of the affordable phones out there have a metal and glass construction nowadays. Although it makes the device look premium and feel like it, too, it also makes it more prone to scratches. Above all that, if you drop it from the height of your waist, the screen or back glass can shatter, which can cost a fortune to repair. Therefore, for most of you out there, protective cases are very vital for smartphones.

If you buy a well-made protective case, not only does it protect your new phone from scratches, but it will also keep it safe from accidental drops. Although there are a lot of cases on the market claiming to have military-grade protection against drops if you google it, the real quality of the case differs from brand to brand. As a result, choosing a case from a great manufacturer is the best way to go, even if it is a little more expensive. Are you looking for the best phone case brands in 2023 for your smartphone? Are you overwhelmed by the countless options you found online? Keep reading this article by TechTrends to see what the best phone case brands in 2023 are. We won’t disappoint you.

Best Phone Case Brands in 2023

Having a good case is a great investment for your smartphone as it is not worth the risk and you might shatter the screen or the back or scratch it by accidental drops. We have made a list of the best phone case brands in 2023 for you to choose from. Here we go.


One of the best phone case brands in 2023 that you can buy cases from is Spigen. It is also one of the most popular brands for case on the market. Moreover, t offers the costumers a lot of options for many smartphones that are available at the moment. It has various designs from basic to rugged ones offering to protect your phones from drops. Aside from the regular lineup of phone cases that the brand has available, Spigen offers specialized cases as well, such as Mag Armor, Optik Armor, and Cryo Armor, that focuses on specific concerns such as Apple MagSafe’s compatibility, protection for camera lens and keeping your hands cool when you are playing games for a long time.

Moreover, Spigen has a variety of screen protectors and camera lens protectors for many smartphones as well as a range of accessories, including detachable wallets, wireless chargers, power bricks, portable battery packs and a lot more. Furthermore, the company offers some car accessories such as car mounts, car chargers, and screen protectors for your in-car infotainment system. The case lineup of this brand is not just limited to phones as it offers cases for tablets, smartwatches and earbuds as well. Moreover, it has cases for laptops, too. Like that wasn’t enough, it has cases for gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and Logitech G Cloud. A Spigen case is often most people’s pick for most smartphones as it has affordable prices and complete protection. Buy one to protect your smartphone.

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Another one of the most reliable case brands and one of the best phone case brands in 2023 is Poetic, which offers a range of options when it comes to durability and ruggedness for a lot of devices.

Poetic is also a reliable case brand that offers a great selection of durable, rugged cases for a variety of devices. Its Neon lineup of protective cases provide ample protection in a slim profile, and they come in a wide range of colors that give your phone a unique look. Poetic’s Spartan and Revolution series cases offer all-around protection with built-in screen protectors and kickstands. These cases feature a multi-layer construction with a soft TPU layer on the inside for shock absorption and a hard polycarbonate shell that takes the brunt of the impact on drops.

The Poetic Guardian lineup is a great choice for those who want a rugged case for their device that doesn’t hide its unique color and back panel design. Like the Spartan and Revolution series cases, the Guardian series features a built-in screen protector to keep your phone’s screen scratch free. In addition to phone cases, Poetic also makes protective cases for tablets from Amazon, Apple, and Samsung. The tablet case lineup includes the Explorer series for overall protection with a built-in folio cover, the Turtleskin series for enhanced drop protection, and the Revolution series with built-in screen protectors and kickstands. Furthermore, Poetic also has a few Apple AirTag accessories on offer.

Although Poetic’s case lineup isn’t as expansive as Spigen’s, its cases are definitely worth considering if you want features like a built-in screen protector, reinforced shock-proof corner protection, and handy additions like a kickstand.


The next one on the list of the best phone case brands in 2023 is Supcase, which has some of the greatest rugged phone cases out there and it is an amazing choice for people who are looking for a case that has a high level of durability. Moreover, you can have the Unicorn Beetle Pro series that is available for almost all well-known phones. It offers edge-to-edge coverage for the devices if you drop it from 20ft. In addition, the case offers port plugs to keep away the dust and moisture out of the port for charging. There is also a built-in screen protector to keep scratches free from your devices and a kickstand that backs three viewing angles.

As well as the Unicorn Beetle Pro, the portfolio of the brand has sleek rugged cases such as the Unicorn Beetle Edge XT that gives ample protection but not adding bulk into it. Aside from that, it features a see-through back panel that shows the cool color and design of your phone. The regular Unicorn Beetle series cases has all the things that the Unicorn Beetle Pro has in a slimmer size and it does not have a built-in screen protector.

Aside from phone cases, this brand has cases for tablets of brands like Apple, Amazon, and Samsung. Not only that, it offers cases for smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless earbuds, and MacBooks. For those interested in playing games, Supcase has plenty of cases for the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch. However, there is more. You can check the wide choices of accessories, including charging bricks, cables, and screen protectors, as well as accessories for the Apple Pencil, AirTags, stands, and holsters. We highly recommend Supcase as one of the best phone case brands in 2023.

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The cases that Ringke offers to its costumers are not only affordable but also high-quality for plenty of smartphones. Like the previous brand, this one also offers a great selection when it comes to phone cases, from basic clear ones to decent ones from drop protection. For those looking for phone cases under $20, the Fusion-X lineup is a perfect choice as it has sleek rugged cases for a good price. The regular Fusion cases, on the other hand, are excellent if you need a more affordable clear cases that does not become yellow after a while.

The Air, Air-S, and Slim cases that the brand offers are recommended for people who hate bulky cases and need a range of cool colors that make your phone unique in look. Ringke also has cases that are compatible with MagSafe, offering wireless charging support on many devices, and its Fusion Card range is a great choice for those who are on the lookout for a slim wallet case that has a safe storage for transit or payment cards.

In addition to all of that, Onyx and Fusion Design cases from this brand give you a chance to add a touch of personality to the cases you want as they are on the market for several stylish designs and colors. Aside from phone cases, Ringke has an amazing selection of affordable screen protectors, privacy films and camera lens protectors for many ranges of devices. You can also find protective cases for smartwatches, watch brands, and tablet cases. There are also some accessories for phones, such as detachable stands and wallets, lanyards, laptop stands, charging cables and adapters and car phone mounts. We highly recommend this as one of the best phone case brands in 2023.


Are you searching for a premium rugged case for your Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or Google Pixel devices? Then we suggest OtterBox and its Defender series has a multi-layer construction that helps your phone from drops, dust, scrapes, and bumps when offering wireless charging compatibility. In addition, it has a built-in holster, which doubles up like a belt clip or a kickstand.

The brand also gives costumers sleek antimicrobial cases with its Symmetry series, which has silver phosphate glass to stop bacteria from building up on your phone. There are some cool colors and designs available, giving your phone a very special look. The Commuter series cases of the company are sleeker models of the rugged Defender series models, giving a great grip and it is also scratch resistant. The React series, on the other hand, offers a clear back that is great for those who want to show off the back design of their phones.

Not only does OtterBox offer cases for phones, but it also provides screen protectors for other devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google, charging bricks, wireless chargers, charging cables, car chargers and a lot of accessories that are compatible with MagSafe. Moreover, OtterBox features lineups for Apple Watches, AirPods, Galaxy Buds, and AirTags. Furthermore, the brand has water and snow-proof cases available. Despite being expensive, the brand provides customers with a range of options that are high quality and protective. We highly recommend this brand as one of the best phone case brands in 2023.

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The next one on the list of the best phone case brands in 2023 that you should check out is ESR. If on our priority list a built-in kickstand is considered important, then consider buying a ESR case. The quality of cases that the brand makes is very high and it offers various styles of kickstands, making hands-free operations a lot easier. Moreover, its Ultra Boost Kickstand case has a slim profile as well as a premium metal kickstand that allows you to utilize your phone hands-free in a number of orientations. For those who do not like the added bulge from the kickstand, then choose the Classic Kickstand case, which integrates a metal kickstand around the module of the camera.

For people who need a better overall protection, choose ESR’s Shock Armor Kickstand or True View Kickstand cases, which has a built-in screen protector or a camera lens protector. Moreover, ESR features a basic clear case that does not have a kickstand, but it costs a little more as opposed to clear cases from other brands. But it isn’t just phone cases that ESR offers. It features cases for iPads, AirPods, Apple Watch, AirTags, and MacBooks. Not only that, but it also has screen protectors for devices including Apple, Samsung, and Google as well as some cool accessories such as keyboards, portable monitors, USB hubs, wireless chargers, power banks, charging bricks, cables, styluses and car mounts.

The HaloLock lineup of the brand for accessories for iPhone is also quite remarkable; you should check it out. We suggest this brand as one of the best phone case brands in 2023.

Our favorite phone case brands in 2023: Final Thoughts

We have put together a list of the best phone case brands in 2023 for you so that you can be sure that a case from these brands will protect your phone and will not disappoint you. Although there might be cases like these from no-name brands for a more affordable price but the level of protection will not be the same with them. therefore, we recommend spending a little more to get a better protecting case as you might drop your phone accidentally.

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