Weirdest Gadgets of All Time

Technology has radically improved the quality of our lives. But what are some of the most bizarre things that have ever entered the world? In this article, we will take a look at the weirdest gadgets of all time.

We all have a device or a collection of devices that we couldn’t live without. People’s lives have grown more dependent on electronic devices such as phones, computers, washing machines, and smartwatches. However, even with smart and beneficial ideas, you’ll sometimes come across a piece of technology that makes us wonder, “but why?” These goods may often be fascinating to read about, and they can even be downright comical in certain instances. New devices are usually a bit strange when you first see them, no matter how beneficial they turn out to be in the long run. Consider the fact that, just a few years ago, taking a smartphone out of your pocket was likely to elicit some puzzled looks from onlookers.

For every invention that has become commonplace, there are hundreds of instances of gadgets that have never progressed beyond the uncomfortable stage of development. Let’s take a look at some of those weirdest gadgets of all time.

Weirdest Gadgets of All Time

The following is TechTrends‘ list of the 14 most bizarre technological inventions. Continue reading if you want to get your mind blown.

1. The HushMe

Source: Kickstarter

One of the weirdest gadgets of all time is The HushMe. It may have the appearance of a future face mask, but its purpose is far from being an anti-viral fashion accessory. Its purpose is to keep the sound of your phone calls from being heard by others. The HushMe, which links to your phone, is designed to be worn around your lips with headphones connected to provide audio. You will then be able to make and receive phone calls without worrying about being eavesdropped on. However, it has been demonstrated that the HushMe does not truly block out sound while in use. And for a product with a price tag of more than $100, you’d expect it to be able to fulfill its only objective. Everything else about this thing is simply an amusing-looking muzzle.

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2. The Pavlok

While the Pavlok may have a unique appearance, its function is less amusing. It is the goal of this band to instill healthy habits and break negative ones in a unique and uncommon manner. Every time you are ready to succumb to a harmful habit, the band administers a mild and harmless electric jolt to deter you from continuing. Yes, there was an electric shock. Although the idea of this article seems to be bizarre, many individuals have significantly profited from Pavlok. It is often used for weight reduction, quitting smoking, and the cessation of other typical undesirable behaviors. Definitely out of the ordinary but also rather clever. This is among the weirdest gadgets of all time.

3. MoodMetric


While “mood rings” have been around for a long time, MoodMetric aspires to do more than signal how you’re feeling; it also aims to assist you in managing those emotions. To give insight into the wearer’s mental state, MoodMetric monitors nervous system signals. Software on a smartphone, which the business says can reveal how strong a person’s emotions are in real-time, is connected to the ring by Bluetooth connectivity. What’s less evident is why somebody would need a device to inform them what kind of mood they’re in in the first place. This is indeed one of the weirdest gadgets of all time.

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4. The Nabaztag

Simply put, the Nabaztag, as one of the weirdest tech gadgets ever, is a rabbit that has been programmed to connect to the internet. This gadget served as a basic digital assistant, having been developed years before modern smart assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. Among other things, the Nazbatag can get weather predictions, read emails from its user, and conduct a variety of other functions. It turned out, though, that the gadget wasn’t all that successful, and it was eventually discontinued. We have to admit, however, that it is very endearing.

5. Hatch Baby Changing Pad


Yes, baby changing has made its way into the realm of technology as well as the list of the weirdest gadgets of all time. It is possible to follow your baby’s food intake, weight, diaper changes, and other health or lifestyle indicators with this smart baby changing mat, which has a built-in camera. While the concept itself seems to have something to recommend, the hefty cost of the changing pad puts into question whether or not it is essential.

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6. The Smart Belt

You’ve probably seen something on your belt and thought, “I wish this device could link to my phone.” No? We didn’t think so. A belt that connects to your phone and logs various parameters, such as your waist size, sitting time, and the amount of time you spend wearing a belt each day, is available on the market. Surprisingly, this concept seems to be popular, as shown by the fact that the initial Indiegogo proposal received more than double the needed cash. Who would have believed that an electronic belt would become such a sought-after item? This has to be one of the weirdest gadgets of all time.

7. SoloWheel

Do you despise walking to the point of insanity? Then gadgets like the SoloWheel, which is powered by batteries, are ideal for you. Place your feet on this so-called “people mover” and let it carry you away. While it is related to the hoverboard, it is at least a bit cooler in appearance. (They also have a tendency not to, you know, blow up.) Nonetheless, although this may be acceptable for teenagers and even college students, no self-respecting professional should be seen arriving to work on a skateboard. SoloWheel is the seventh one on the list of the weirdest gadgets of all time.

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8. The Quirky Egg Minder

This one comes as a bit of a surprise to most people. An egg tray that links to your smartphone and then gives you alerts when you’re running short on eggs or when your eggs are going to go bad is being developed. This has to be one of the weirdest gadgets of all time. This stylish egg tray is also surprisingly economical, a little under $10. Is it possible to have digital egg tracking on a budget?

9. Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock


It’s not uncommon to wake up to a reluctant alarm clock in the morning, then bend over to turn it off, only to realize that the alarm clock isn’t on the desk. Although it’s lying on the floor and rolling away from you, it’s still blasting a piercing wake-up music into your ears. With the Clocky rolling alarm clock, you may wake up to the same sensation every day. This gadget is intended to roll away from you while it is ringing, requiring you to chase after it in order to switch it off. And then there’s a bang! You’re fully awake and alert! We don’t have anything against the concept. However, if it were us pursuing it in the morning, we wouldn’t be very enthusiastic. This is yet another one of the weirdest gadgets of all time.

10. Selfie Toaster

For a total of $75, plus the cost of the rye bread, you may have your cup sear onto a slice of rye bread, making it the most exciting thing to happen to toast since the Virgin Mary emerged on a grilled cheese sandwich in 2004. Although it is referred to as the Selfie Toaster, it is not a linked gadget. Instead, customers must insert a unique laser-cut metal grilling plate into the appliance, which is provided by the maker, Burnt Impressions, before pressing the lever to turn it on. In case you missed it when it was released at the height of the selfie craze in 2014, the Selfie Toaster is still available for purchase.

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11. The Somnox

The Somnox is a robotic cushion that is primarily intended for snuggling with a loved one. As one of the weirdest gadgets of all time, the Somnox’s concept behind the pillow is that it may help people sleep better by providing them with peaceful natural sounds and the capacity to simulate breathing while they are sleeping. If you’re searching for a really unique Christmas gift for someone you care about, a breathing cushion is an excellent choice.

12. Toilet Night Lights

Have you ever had difficulty locating the toilet in the middle of the night? Now, thanks to the toilet night light, you can be certain that you will no longer be confronted with this problem. With a variety of color options, you may create the light-up toilet of your dreams. Despite the fact that this seems to be a bizarre concept, and this Toilet Night Light is one of the weirdest gadgets of all time, the concept itself is not absurd. Anyone who has ever had their eyes burn for half a minute after turning on a light when it is still dark outside understands what I am talking about. More to the point, this device is reasonably priced. Funky and on a tight budget!

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13. The Y-Brush

This one has the appearance of a retainer with an edge. And, in a sense, it is true. You can brush every tooth in your mouth with this little device. This eliminates the need for you to actually clean your teeth. You just insert the gadget into your mouth, and it immediately begins to operate on your teeth. However, this does not come at a low cost. The Y-Brush is normally sold for more than $100. For the time being, we’ll continue to hand brushing alone. This is one of the weirdest gadgets ever made.

14. Calculator Watch

Is there a single piece of technology that is more strongly connected with nerddom than the wristwatch with a calculator? Wearing one of these was a way of communicating to the rest of the world that I often need to do lightning-fast computations on my wrist and that I couldn’t care less who knew it. It served as a badge of distinction, and in some ways, it served as a forerunner to today’s smartwatches. Of course, as has been the case with so many other technologies and equipment, cellphones (as well as, you know, taste) were responsible for sending them into extinction. Its distant relative, the TV remote control watch, was only somewhat cooler since it could at the very least be used to keep track of the ball game while you were at the bar. Calculator Watch is another one of the most unusual gadgets of all time.

Final Thoughts

Every industry, and the technology industry is no exception, produces bizarre products. These goods are definitely out of the ordinary. However, they serve as evidence that technology can now be used in almost every aspect of our life. Everything from brushing your teeth to purchasing eggs to even wearing a belt may be automated (if you have the necessary funds). Who knows what other bizarre and fascinating inventions may emerge in the future.

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