Best Citizen Watches of 2022; Add to Your Prestige

When it comes to watches, Switzerland holds the crown and Citizen is the king of the realm. This text is on the best Citizen watches of 2022.

In today’s world, we use our smartphones for different purposes, and checking time is also one of them. Yet to some people, everything must have its special functionality, and this folk believes in watches when they want to check the time. Watches, aside from adding to your class if being from a famous brand, complete you and Citizen is a watchmaker that has proved this idea for more than a century. If you are interested in watches and want to learn more about the best Citizen watches to buy in 2022, continue reading this article of Tech Trends.

Best Citizen Watches of 2022; Top Choices

Citizen Watch Caliber 1000 Watch

Citizen Watch Caliber 1000 Watch

As the king of the best Citizen watches for 2022, the Citizen Watch Caliber 1000 Watch is an excellent illustration of their limited-edition luxury watches. This watch is accurate by +/- 1 second per year and is powered by light (eco-drive technology). It has a bracelet and a super-titanium case, making it feel light on your skin. In addition to being significantly lighter than stainless steel, super titanium is five times stronger, more durable, and more resistant to scratches than stainless steel.

Additionally, this watch has an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a cool skeleton case back. Due to their limited production of 500, these watches cost a lot. This Citizen watch is unbeatable if you want the ultimate flex for your watch collection.

Citizen Eco-Drive Pcat Atomic Timekeeping Chronograph

Are you looking for the top Citizen watches of 2022? Consider the Citizen Eco-Drive PCAT Atomic Timekeeping Chronograph. This model won’t let you down. The design of the classic chronograph is cool and useful, and, did we mention that it has an alarm function? Many of Citizen’s eco-drive watches use atomic timekeeping. Atomic timekeeping guarantees that the watch will be accurate to the nearest one second for a hundred thousand years. The watch receives a radio signal to ensure that the date and time are always accurate.

The fact that this PCAT chronograph is set to be accurate for 43 cities around the world is one of its features. Because eco-drive is also powered by light, you won’t ever need to adjust your watch while traveling, and you won’t even need a battery. In addition, this chronograph has luminous hands and indices, as well as a perpetual calendar. It has a sapphire crystal that resists scratches and can withstand 200 meters of water.

Citizen Promaster Dive Automatic

This handsome automatic dive watch with a day and date complication is not only among the best Citizen watches of 2022, but is counted as the most recent addition to the Citizen collection. It has a sapphire crystal, a 44-millimeter case, and a rotating bezel with a Japanese pufferfish-inspired serrated design. It can withstand 200 meters of water and comes in a dive tank box. In July, the titanium version will be available.

Citizen Black Croc Embossed Leather Strap Watch

Citizen Black Croc Embossed Leather Strap Watch

One of the best things about best Citizen watches to buy in 2022 is that none of them sacrifice style or technology. They all exude style and snazziness, whether you buy an entry-level watch like this one or one of their more expensive limited-edition watches. Quartz powers the three-hand watch with date and day complications.

Citizen Eco-Drive Avion

The Citizen Eco-Drive Avion, a pilot’s watch from Citizen, has a brown leather band that pops against the stainless steel bezel to give it a vintage, mid-century aviation-inspired look. You will notice that the most prominent numbers on the face are the minutes rather than the hours. This design was inspired by the fact that a pilot constantly travels through time zones and needs to know the exact time.

The right-hand knob makes it simple to adjust the timepiece, which also has a date display. As one of the best Citizen watches for 2022, the Avion is a great piece to dress up or down, depending on your needs, thanks to all of these features.

Citizen Bn0151-09l Promaster Professional Diver Dive

Watches like the Citizen BN0151-09L Promaster Professional Diver Dive are truly timeless. The Citizen Promaster professional diver BN0151-09L is also very popular to the fan of the top Citizen watches of 2022 for many different reasons. First and foremost, it is available at a very appealing cost, typically less than $300. But don’t be fooled by that; this watch is still sturdy, well-built, stylish, and gives off a strong sense of quality.

The watch has a mineral glass window and a 48-millimeter stainless steel case. It looks like a very sporty dive watch with a classic and traditional design at first glance. It has a blue dial with large markers and hands and a unidirectional bezel for maximum legibility. It has a 4 o’clock date window. The fact that this watch makes use of Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology means that you won’t have to change the battery because it is powered by solar and ambient light.

Since it is a dive watch, it is water resistant to 200 meters, making it suitable for swimming and diving. A sporty blue silicone bracelet with a buckle fastens it’s rounded face.

Citizen Promaster Blue Angels Skyhawk

Citizen Promaster Blue Angels Skyhawk

When it comes to pilot watches, some people consider the Blue Angels Skyhawk to be the ultimate Citizen timepiece. This storied watch has everything you’d expect from the best Citizen watches of 2022 with pilot design: pilot’s slide rule, dual analog, and digital dials, power reserve indicator, and backlight, as well as atomic timekeeping that is synchronized to 43 cities. In addition, it can withstand 200 meters of water. Even if you weren’t a pilot, this watch would give you enough motivation to take some lessons.

Citizen Calendrier

The Citizen Calendrier is a solar-powered watch with a 24-hour timer, a calendar, a world timer with codes for 24 different time zones around the face, and a renowned Japanese quartz movement. The Calendrier is a great fashion accessory with its contrasted dial and dark blue band. It is also water resistant up to 300 feet, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It also has a chronograph with multiple functions and can work in temperatures between 14 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No list of the best Citizen watches to buy in 2022 is complete without this one.

Citizen Chronograph Canvas Watch

This Citizen chronograph lives up to its name by its easy-to-use start and stop buttons for the stopwatch function as well as dials to measure the minutes, hours and seconds the stopwatch has been turned on. In addition, the sturdy canvas band, easy-to-read round dial and water resistance up to 330 feet make this a watch any man would be proud to wear. Are you after the best Citizen watches for 2022? This one is for you.

Citizen Corso


Among other top Citizen watches of 2022, the Citizen Corso is a dress watch with a beautiful dial and a leather strap. It has a fresh, modern design with hints of watches from the 1960s. There are two additional color options for this Corso: silver with green and brown leather straps, respectively. The indices are highlighted by the textured dial, which also features day and date complications. It has a sapphire crystal, a 40-millimeter case, and Eco-Drive power.

Citizen Paradigm Watch

The Citizen Paradigm Watch is made of Super Titanium, which is five times more resistant to damage and scratches than stainless steel, one of the features putting it in our guide to the best Citizen watches of 2022. This watch meets your requirements if you’ve been looking for a dress watch with a sleek and contemporary design that doesn’t feel bulky on your wrist. The silvery-colored band makes a smart contrast with the deep blue face. The brand’s eco-drive technology powers the classic three-hand watch with a date complication; To keep it running, you won’t ever need to pick up a battery.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch

The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch was designed specifically for time jumpers. The watch’s ability to automatically adjust the time based on a GPS signal is a great feature for people who travel frequently between time zones and is the element earning it a spot in our list of the best Citizen watches to buy in 2022.

The watch face has a dial that shows the day of the week, whether daylight savings time is active, and the power levels of the watch itself, in addition to the 27 cities that are available and marked along the edges. The watch has a date display at three o’clock, blue accents, and a black ion-plated stainless steel bracelet.

Citizen Hakuto-R Satellite Wave GPS F950

Citizen Hakuto-R Satellite Wave GPS F950

This is Citizen’s second attempt to push the boundaries. The commercial lunar exploration program HAKUTO-R is owned and operated by ispace, and the watchmaker provided super titanium components for the lander’s legs. This is also the second time that HAKUTO-R has collaborated on a watch. Citizen treated the super titanium that is going into space and made it into recrystallized super titanium. The process alters the metal’s appearance to the point where it looks like the surface of the moon.

This limited-edition watch, which comes in all black, will be a very fast GPS watch because it will receive signals in just three seconds. A 1/20 chronometer function and a double direct flight function are two additional features. Are you making a list of the best Citizen watches for 2022? Open a spot for this one.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch Bn0150-28e

The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch BN0150-28E is a shiny star in the sky of the top Citizen watches of 2022 and comes in black. This is an excellent option if you enjoyed the watch above but prefer a monochrome dive watch. It is durable, well-constructed, and a great value. Due to its 200-meter water resistance, it is suitable for swimming and diving.

You won’t have to change the battery because it has Citizen’s quartz Eco-Drive technology, which converts sunlight and ambient light into energy. The watch has a 44mm stainless steel case with a 12mm thickness and an anti-reflective mineral crystal. Naturally, as a dive watch should, it has a black dial with large hands and markers and a rotating bezel that can only move in one direction.

Citizen Bn2038-01l Aqualand

The Citizen BN2038-01L Aqualand is the ultimate sporty dive watch for bold, original, and different individuals. This watch’s design makes it stand out from the crowd without sacrificing its performance. The watch has a quartz movement, is ISO-compliant, and can withstand 200 meters (660 feet) of water. It has a power reserve, a rapid ascent alarm, an auto-start dive mode, and a maximum depth memory.

Because it is powered by light thanks to Eco-Drive technology, you won’t have to change the battery. It has a gorgeous blue dial with large markers that are easy to read and provide good contrast, which is important for dive watches. Additionally, it has a 60-minute graduation scale and a unidirectional rotating bezel with a date window.

Despite the watch’s obvious size and bulk, its design and function complement it perfectly. The case has a diameter of 44 millimeters and a thickness of 16.5 millimeters. All you need from the best Citizen watches of 2022 is gathered in this watch.

Citizen Thin Blue Line Chronograph Ca0291-59e Nigthhawk

Citizen Thin Blue Line Chronograph Ca0291-59e Nigthhawk

A well-liked quartz chronograph with a sporty appearance is the Citizen Thin Blue Line Chronograph CA0291-59E Nigthhawk. It still has a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet), which puts it in the same category as a dive watch and makes it perform like one. For the chronograph function, the Nighthawk has a tachymeter scale on the inner bezel ring. The blue stripe that runs across the dial of this monochrome watch is what makes it stand out.

This is a nice addition that gives it more interest and color. This is especially the case given that the dial of this watch is black and there is even black luminous material on the hands and markers. As one of the best Citizen watches of 2022, the watch has a chronograph that can measure up to 60 minutes, 12 hours, and 5 seconds. It has mineral glass on top and a three-o’clock date window.

The fact that it is solar-powered means that it never needs to be recharged. Its 42mm case makes it an excellent option for a sporty chronograph.

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