Best Male Actors in Their 30s

Do you want to know who the best male actors in their 30s are? TechTrends put together a list for you to know which male actors in Hollywood are impressing with their talent and performances. The list includes actors from countries all over, the United States, England and other countries.

Hollywood has many tremendously talented and good-looking actors, with many establishing a name for themselves in the industry. The list compiled today by TechTrends strives to name some of the most well-known and finest male actors in their 30s who have been performing impressively. For their incredible work over the years, they are now considered some of the best male actors in their 30s. Some of these actors have won awards throughout their career and have received a lot of accolades from the audience and the critics. Here are the best male actors in their 30s in 2023.

Best Male Actors in Their 30s

Some of the actors on this list raised to stardom at a very young age while others became famous later in life. However, for all of them, it took years of hard work and audition after audition to reach this point. Let’s jump into the list of the best actors in their 30s in 2023. Here we go. The order of the actors is random.

Chris Hemsworth

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has proved many times that he is a lot greater than a fairly face. Aside from his magnificence and muscle energy, he is an amazing actor. He began his big-screen career in a very stylish fashion when he took on an important role, George Kirk, in the Star Trek franchise. His career has since risen to the top, and it was most notably because of his character as Thor in the MCU. However, he is more than just an Avenger, as his impressive filmography proves the same. The 39-year-old actor has established himself as a perfect actor and performer who tests his physical boundaries each time, surprising not only the audience but also himself.

He has joined many franchises, started new ones, and featured in the leading role of many great movies. To celebrate his admiring profession, TechTrends made a list of the best Chris Hemsworth movies of all time. He is one of the best male actors in their 30s.

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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has proven many times that he is capable of being both an indie darling and blockbuster leading man, playing in different genres of movies and showcasing his talent in acting. Following his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire putting him on the map back in 2005, Twilight helped Robert Pattinson gain global fame and become a successful Hollywood star. From those movies to The Batman, this talented actor has captivated audiences with his skills. He has featured in many well-known movies and roles, but his breakthrough role was Edward Cullen in Twilight.

Despite being most recognized for that role, he did showcase his talent when bringing many characters to life on screen, earning great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Pattinson, who was born in London in 1986, proved over and over again his fundamental truth, which is that he is a very good actor. He is yet another one of the best male actors in their 30s.

Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is arguably one of the most underrated actors of our generation. After featuring in the Teen Wolf series, he has established a powerful resume that continued to shine. His first made himself comfortable in front of the camera by posting film content on YouTube. He has his first big role in the MTV series named Teen Wolf, where he played the role of Stiles Stilinski. For his natural talent, he got many roles coming, and he made a name for himself in the movie industry. His success was followed by hit action franchises, such as The Maze Runner.

Moreover, he has recently played the male character in the Taylor Swift short film All Too Well. The young actor has gone to do many amazing projects and showed his abilities as a dramatic actor as well as his talent in voiceover roles. Therefore, he is known as one of the best male actors in their 30s.

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Daniel Radcliffe

Everybody would agree that the love for Daniel Radcliffe is universal at this point of his career. He has been acting for most of his life and his breakout role was the titular character in the Harry Potter franchise. The award-winning series Harry Potter brought Daniel Radcliffe’s dream true as he gained global fame at the age of 11 and went on to grow up in the public eye as titular character Harry Potter. Although Daniel Radcliff is most known for his role in the Harry Potter series which ended in 2011, the British actor has branched out during his remarkable career. He has gone on to star in movies such as Swiss Army Man and Imperium.

He has most recently appeared in The Lost City alongside incredible actors Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. Radcliffe did not want to be remembered for one good role and he worked hard to prove that he is a versatile actor, who is willing to take risks. He is yet another one of the best male actors in their 30s.

Andrew Garfield

Another one of the best male actors in their 30s is Andrew Russell Garfield. He is a wonderful actor who has played in popular films like Amazing Spider-Man and Hacksaw Ridge. The British Academy Television Award winner had his film debut in 2007 and went on to shine in many other movies in a variety of genres. British-American actor Andrew Russell Garfield, who was born on August 2, 1983, first appeared on the screen in 2007 when he played in Lions for Lambs. Also that year, he appeared in the television movie Boy A and won a British Academy Television Award. He then went on to build a great filmography for himself. He received a Tony Award as well and got nominated for an Academy Award, a Laurence Olivier Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and three British Academy Film Awards.

His supporting role in the movie The Social Network brought him international attention in 2010. However, Garfield is most known for his roles in Amazing Spider-Man, Hacksaw Ridge, and silence.

Michael B. Jordan

Another one of the best male actors in their 30s is Michael B. Jordan, who was born on February 9, 1987 in California, the United States. He has made a name for himself playing in high-profile movies and TV shows, with his compelling characterizations bringing him a lot of popularity and fame. Michael B. Jordan started his career as a child model and his movie debut came in 1999. He featured in an episode of The Sopranos and also had a small scene in Black and White. Then, he appeared in the movie Hardball in 2011 as one of the youths in the baseball team. His career is full of impressive movies that helped him become one of the best male actors in their 30s.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron has been appearing in many successful movies over the years, from comedies to iconic teen musicals, becoming one of the biggest teen film stars in the 2000s. He has more recently appeared in crime dramas and horror thrillers, showing his talent in other areas as well. Efron is an example of making a vibrant acting career out of Disney Channel prior to the likes of Ryan Gosling and Zendaya. He had his breakout performance in the High School Musical franchises before appearing in other genres of movies. Although he returned to musical films in the movie The Greatest Showman, he managed to establish a career in a wide variety of genres, such as R-rated comedies and indie dramas.

He has become a big name in Hollywood with his acting and singing talent. Then, he gradually appeared in more mature roles like in the movie The Lucky One, The Awkward Moment, and more recently in Baywatch. He is also one of the best male actors in their 30s.

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Adam Driver

Mostly known for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars trilogy, Adam Driver is also thriving in movies, TV, and even theater. He has worked with many acclaimed directors over the years and become successful. He has proved over and over again what an interesting performer he is, with his unique disposition and wide range of projects. Regardless of the genre or tone of the movie, Driver is able to add a lot to a new role he has been handed and fully inhabit the character he plays. He has recently appeared in House of Gucci, playing the role of real-life Maurizio Gucci.

The Emmy and Oscar-nominated actor does not like to revel in the spotlight, which makes him even more refreshing. Despite being reserved in interviews, he is explosive in front of the camera. He is definitely one of the best male actors in their 30s.

Kit Harington

English actor Christopher Catesby Harington was born on December 26, 1986. He is most known for his role in the popular series Games of Thrones 2011-2019 as Jon Snow. Moreover, he has received a lot of awards such as a Golden Globe nomination and two nominations for Emmy Awards. Harington had his movie debut in 2009 when she features as Albert Narracott in the War Horse play. Not only has produced and developed the 2017 BBC drama series Gunpowder but he has also starred in it. He became one of the best male actors in their 30s.

Austin Butler

Austin Butler has most recently appeared in Elvis movie as the main character Elvis Presley. He got nominated for an Oscar award for his impressive performance, putting his career on the right track as he is expected to appear in Dune sequel as the villain. His career started on multiple Nickelodeon and Disney TV shows. In his twenties, he appeared in great movies as a supporting character, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He is yet another one of the best male actors in their 30s in 2023 with a bright future ahead of him.

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