How to Make Whatsapp Stickers; The Best Guide

If you want to learn how to make Whatsapp stickers, you are a professional user of this platform. To find a good answer, read this article.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social platforms in the world and provides you with practical features. It’s not as good as telegram in certain aspects, but compared to other platforms, it is more secure and equipped. Whatsapp gives you pretty good communication tools, but you can extend your arsenal of tools using practical guides. In this article of Tech Trends, the question of “how to create stickers in Whatsapp?” is answered.

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers; Communicate Professionally

Making stickers for WhatsApp is now possible on android OS, iOS, and desktop. In this part, you will learn how to create stickers in Whatsapp on Android.

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on Android

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on Android
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To learn how to make custom Whatsapp stickers from photos on Android, you must follow these steps:

  1. Download the Sticker Maker app on Android.
  2. Tap Create a new sticker pack.
  3. Name the sticker pack and add an author name for the pack if you want to take credit for creating these stickers.
  4. You will see 30 tiles on the next screen. Tap any of these, and then you can tap Take Photo, Open Gallery, or Select File to select pictures. The first option lets you take a picture, the second opens your photo gallery, and the third enables you to select images from your file manager.
  5. The next step allows you to cut the picture into a shape. You can select one of Freehand’s (to draw a shape manually and crop the sticker), Cut a square, or Cut a circle.
  6. Once you are done cropping, tap Yes, Save Sticker.
  7. Once you have three stickers added, you can tap Add to WhatsApp. You will see a confirmation message on the screen once it’s been added.
  8. Now open WhatsApp, tap the emoji icon > stickers icon at the bottom. Now you will see your new sticker pack as the last one on the list of sticker packs.
  9. To delete a sticker pack, tap the pack > three dots icon on the top-right > Delete.

Now that you know how to make Whatsapp stickers on Android and have a firm answer to the question of “how to make custom Whatsapp stickers from photos?” on this popular platform let’s see how to make Whatsapp stickers on iOS.

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on iPhone

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on iPhone
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To learn how to make Whatsapp stickers on iOS, you should use unique apps designed for this purpose. Since iOS is closed to provide better security, one should use apps that are considered viable by Apple. The application we will use is a neat photo editing app that makes it simple to create WhatsApp sticker packs for free. Here you will learn how to make custom Whatsapp stickers from photos on iOS.

  1. Download the Bazaart app on your iPhone.
  2. Open the app and tap either Start New or Open Photo.
  3. Now you can use the app’s tools to create your sticker. You can easily cut it into shapes, add dialogue boxes, and more via Bazaart’s on-screen tools.
  4. Once you are done, tap the Share icon and tap WhatsApp.
  5. The app will ask you to add your name if you want to take credit for the sticker pack. Then, on the next screen, tap Add to WhatsApp.
  6. This will add your sticker to WhatsApp. Tap the sticker icon in the form where you type messages. Your stickers will show up here.
  7. Bazaart lets you easily update your sticker pack as well. Just repeat steps 2 to 4 above and you will see a new screen asking you whether you want to update or delete your sticker pack. Tap Update to add more stickers to your pack.

Bazaart is a free application on iPhone with a large part of its highlights to be accessed with a monthly subscription fee. It’s one of the best ways to create Whatsapp stickers; Making WhatsApp stickers is free in this app, yet in case that changes in the future, you can always use a different app such as Sticker Maker for WhatsApp to get the job done just as quickly. Now that you know how to create Whatsapp stickers on iOS let’s learn how to make Whatsapp stickers on the desktop.

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on the Desktop

How to Make Whatsapp Stickers on the Desktop
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One of the best ways to create Whatsapp stickers on the desktop is by following these steps. By doing so, you will learn quickly how to create Whatsapp stickers on the desktop.

  1. First, open WhatsApp Web and go to the chat to send a custom sticker.
  2. Next, click on the attachment icon (paper clip icon) in the chat bar and choose a sticker option.
  3. Use the attach button to select a new sticker option.
  4. The new feature allows users to choose, edit and customize any image stored on their computers.
  5. Simply choose the photo you want to send as a sticker and edit it on WhatsApp using the tools given.
  6. WhatsApp allows users to add emojis and stickers and send texts from the Stickers panel.
  7. WhatsApp users can change the image, doodle it, and crop it as needed.
  8. You will also have the option to undo and redo the edit action.
  9. Once the custom stickers have been created successfully, WhatsApp users can view them at the bottom right of the chat screen. You can use them with ease.

How to Get Stickers

To use sticker packs, WhatsApp Android users must update to version 2.18.329. In the iOS platform, the highlight is offered in version 2.18.100 of WhatsApp. Stickers for WhatsApp were given 12 free packs, such as Cuppy by Minseung Song, Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison, Biscuit by Ghostbot, etc. Once you download them, they are available to use offline. You can also send stickers to your contacts on WhatsApp. To do so, you should:

– Open the keyboard in a chat, where users should see a new sticker button at the bottom left.

– A new Stickers tab will open when users click the sticker button.

– The Stickers tab has a dedicated icon for the recently used stickers and starred favorites, followed by sticker packs that the user has downloaded. Users can mark their favorite stickers by tapping on the star option.

– WhatsApp also has a Sticker Store that one can access by tapping the + icon at the top. Here, users can select the sticker packs they want to download

– One can download as many sticker packs as they like.

– Next, users can select the sticker they want to share and send it to chat.

– WhatsApp stickers can be accessed from WhatsApp Web as well app.

Stickers Search Will Be Ready Soon

WhatsApp will add a search tool for stickers on Android, and according to a WABetaInfo report, the highlight is now under development. Based on the reports, sticker search will let users search for individual sticker packs, like how search is available for emojis, GIFs, etc.

A new lens icon will be added to the bottom left corner of the stickers tab, and clicking on it will open the search bar. Here, users can look for individual sticker packs. The tool will make it simpler to search for stickers, especially as WhatsApp intends to add more sticker packs in the coming months.

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